Add Succulents to Your Wedding Decor for Originality and Freshness

Succulents are captivating plants that store water in their leaves giving them an interesting bulky shape.  They grow in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors and are more popular than ever, even showing up in wedding decor. Since they don’t need to constantly be in water, they can stay fresh and hold up all day long. Combining succulents with other wedding blooms is a great way to add freshness, intrigue, and creativity o your wedding.  These unusual-looking plants make terrific centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and more.  For ideas on how to incorporate succulents into your wedding, the wedding experts at Rose Hill Flowers have a few innovative suggestions. 

Wedding Bouquets

Including succulents into your bridal bouquet adds drama, texture, and contrast. Mixing a large, statement piece succulent with other florals has become a trendy and striking look. Another option is to have a bridal bouquet made up of only succulents and greenery for something truly unique. The wide variety of colors, which range from burgundy to pink, blue, green, and white, incredible shapes succulents come in allows them to perfectly blend with any wedding theme or color design.  

Wedding Decor

There are lots of ways to incorporate succulents into typical wedding decor. For example, succulents can be put on a wedding arch or hung from tree branches in clear containers. Decorate the sign-in table with a variety of them in tiny vases. Succulents make great centerpieces and colorful table runners.  You can also tie a few succulents to the tops of chairs or use them as place settings for a charming look. 

Succulent Wall

Add succulents to a flower wall for an interesting and beautiful photo backdrop. You could even have a wall of only succulents if you want to be truly daring and creative.  

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are often decorated with florals so adding in or swapping out florals for succulents would be a delightful surprise.  Well-placed succulents on a wedding cake make it look original and elegant.     

Wedding Favors

Allow your guests to take home a potted succulent as a reminder of your wedding.  Succulents are hearty plants that are easy to care for perfect for a beginner or advanced plant owner. Include a small card with care instructions so your guests can keep their succulents thriving for a long time.

Incorporating succulents into your wedding is a terrific way to inject freshness and modern elements into your event. Succulents give weddings a fresh, original feel and create a unique and stunning event that everyone is sure to enjoy and remember.