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Five Centerpiece Designs to Reflect Your Personality

Centerpieces can be made using all sorts of colors, styles, shapes, sizes, items, and even personalities. Choosing the perfect arrangements and decorations to place on each guest table that not only mirrors your celebration or special day but reflects your own style and personality can be a little tricky. Although your favorite flowers are sure […]

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Flower Arrangements You Need for Your Wedding

Thinking about the flowers you’ll choose for your wedding can seem like a simple idea… until you actually start to choose. There are tons of options available, and plenty of great places to display them throughout the day. Knowing where to start (and end) can be a daunting task, which is why the floral experts […]

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Using Flowers at Bridal Showers

A bridal shower is a fun way to use flowers, and to do something really special with them that takes them to the next level. Finding the theme can be a challenge for many shower planners. When you draw inspiration from the bride’s interests, and take cues from fashion, decorating and design trends, you can […]

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