How to Have an Elegantly Ghoulish Halloween Wedding

If you love Halloween and think it’s the best holiday of the year, then you may have even thought about having a Halloween-themed wedding. If you’re concerned the idea is too “out there” or lacks romance and elegance, then think again! There are plenty of ways to have a cool and interesting Halloween wedding while still keeping elegance, romance, and love intact. The experts at Rose Hill Flowers  – Weddings & Events are giving you the essential decor items, flowers, and venue ideas to make your Halloween wedding dreams come true. With mystery, passion, and eerie beauty, gothic and Halloween weddings are events that will definitely stand out from all other weddings.

Your Halloween Wedding Checklist 

Ruins of an ancient church of Bzyb in the Republic of Abkhazia. Tenth century A.D.

A Mysterious Venue

When it comes to having a spooky wedding, the setting is everything. First, think of venues that are spooky or have a gothic character to them, such as castle ruins, abandoned churches or mansions, or even dark and creepy forests. Vineyards at dusk when the grape vines are dormant make for a cool setting with their gnarly and twisted thick vines. Overgrown gardens are also a great choice, as well as large ornately decorated ballrooms, and museums in stately gothic buildings.

Stylish black bouquet tied with a black ribbon on a white cloth at the window

Dark & Moody Blooms 

To help set the mood and tone of the wedding, choose flowers in Autumn colors of deep burgundy, brown, deep purple, blood red, black, and pure white. For example, blue thistle, red roses, dark-hued succulents, deep purple calla lilies, and black dahlias (which are actually a really deep burgundy color but look black). Other blooms that create contrast in Halloween wedding bouquets are anemones, protea, amaranthus, orange roses, white hydrangeas, and eucalyptus. Another option to consider is dried flowers which have their own unique look that fits in perfectly with spooky decor.

Splendid chandelier with lit candles in a beautiful room of an old mansion

Elegant Gothic Decor 

Bring elegance to your gothic wedding by incorporating fancy candelabras or chandeliers, candles on candlesticks, velvet chairs, and black and white pictures in ornate frames. Decor like skulls, skeleton keys, cauldrons, potion vials, crystals, and rows and rows of candlelight are details that will create a wonderfully elegant yet spooky ambience.

Halloween themed decorations with pumpkins and lit candles on a window sill inside at night

A Twist on Fall Foliage & Pumpkins

Put a spooky twist on traditional autumn decor by having gold, silver, or black painted leaves, pumpkins, gourds, or scarecrows. You can stick with their true, natural beauty and tuck them throughout your wedding ceremony and reception for a hint of “autumn spice.”

Attractive young caucasian woman in black evening long dress posing near entrance of old house entwined with red autumn foliage

An Unexpected Bridal Gown 

Get creative with your bridal look by not choosing a traditional white dress. Consider black, burgundy, or pale gray. Of course, you can still wear white but opt for an old Victorian dress or something romantic and ethereal. Don’t forget to accessorize with statement pieces like long gloves, gothic jewelry, and killer shoes.

boutonniere in tuxedo lapel

Sleek and Edgy Tuxedos 

Wedding attire for men has relaxed a great deal over the years, and for a themed wedding, there are no rules. Play around with ideas of a suit that is casual yet sleek, a historic tuxedo that resembles something from the Victorian era, or you could go all out with a long outer jacket, velvet vest, top hat, and ornate walking stick.

Group of people in masquerade carnival mask posing in studio. Beautiful women and men wearing venetian mask. Fashion, party, friends concept

Creative Bridal Party Attire

If you want the wedding party to dress up as ghosts, vampires, skeletons, or zombies, you can! Use your imagination to create the look you desire. You can have your bridesmaids’ outfits match or let them choose their outfits within one scheme, such as witches, vampires, ghosts, etc. Or, they can wear dresses that reflect autumn hues like burnt orange, burgundy, maroon, blush, light pink, or forest green.

Young People in Costumes Celebrating Halloween. Group of Young Happy Friends Wearing Halloween Costumes having Fun at Party in Nightclub by doing Scary faces. Celebration of Halloween

Should Guests Wear Costumes?

If your big day lands on or around October 31, then it’s totally acceptable to have guests dress up. Decide early if that’s what you want, and if you want it to be mandatory, and be sure to include it on the wedding invite. Having guests wear costumes makes for a unique wedding experience that will surely stand out from others. It’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween and your wedding. You can even request formal costumes in line with Victorian times, spooky costumes, or even mascarade-type outfits for fun.

Weddings today don’t follow established rules from yesteryear, so go ahead and create the type of wedding that will make you happy and expresses your likes and interests. It’s your day, so create the experience you truly want.