Planning a Nashville Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingDuring long and relaxing summer days, your holiday wedding may seem far off. But with only six months remaining before the big day, now is the time to make sure your planning is well on it’s way!
Winter weddings – especially those surrounding the holidays – hold the promise of being sophisticated, sentimental and very romantic. Classic red, white and black tie weddings are aesthetically striking and elegant; while a shining white and silver wedding embodies a frosty winter beauty. For those looking to add a modern flair to the traditional palettes, pairing deep magenta or purple with white presents a gorgeous contrast. To further create a wintry holiday setting, incorporate elements such as crystals, candles and metallic details into your bouquets and arrangements; these add shimmer to an already magical event.
holiday weddingThere are some unique details to consider when planning a holiday wedding.  For instance, certain aspects of planning, such as the venue and the entertainment, are simply more expensive this time of year due to demand. It is also imperative to make sure these resources are booked well in advance, as couples do compete with many other parties during the holidays for these items. Some flowers may be difficult to obtain if they are out of season, and therefore a desired flower may be unavailable or very expensive. However, the wedding experts at Rose Hill have hundreds of ideas and suggestions on how to achieve the perfect holiday look within your budget – for instance, adding more Christmas greenery in lieu of all flowers, utilizing white or silvery branches to suspend hanging candles for natural centerpieces, or simply replacing one bloom with a similarly luxurious, in season alternative.
Most wedding coordinators agree on one thing, however – the bride shouldn’t ever compromise on her perfect bridal bouquet. Even if that one bouquet is pricier than expected, it is a focal point and showpiece, front and center, highly viewed and often photographed. That is one place that the bide should have exactly the flowers she dreams of, regardless of season. The rest of the wedding flowers can match her palette and style perfectly, while not breaking the budget.

Whatever time of year you choose for your wedding, your best choice in Nashville for a wedding florist is Rose Hill Flowers. We have the experience that will guarantee honest and heartfelt advice, designed to ensure your dream wedding day.