Tall Wedding Centerpieces are Trending for 2016

wedding centerpieceIt’s your wedding, and it is all about you! Every detail, every accent and every hue is the decision of the bride and groom, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to orchestrate an event that totally represents who you are, and how you like to celebrate. There are countless choices at your disposal, and seemingly countless places to garner an opinion on trends. From social media photo albums, to message boards and bridal expos, the most popular themes quickly become evident.


One of these trends in 2016 is tall wedding centerpieces – soaring floral displays which can manifest in a wide variety of styles and designs. This couple opted for this simple yet elegant centerpiece; which consisted solely of an orchid branch and green grasses; contrasted against the table level candles and smaller bouquet, the arrangement presides with sophistication over the meal

wedding centerpiece

This bride and groom also selected high centerpieces for their day; but the arrangement exudes a more lavish approach. This elongated vase presents roses, tulips, asters and towering lilies in springtime colors. Each table featured a slightly different arrangement with a varied color palette for a complementary aesthetic that didn’t rely on matching uniformity.

wedding centerpiece

If you are interested in designing a tall centerpiece for your Nashville wedding day, come into Rose Hill Flowers. We will take into account your venue, your style and your color scheme in order to help you to choose amazing flowers that will make a dramatic and beautiful statement. From classic roses to tropical birds of paradise, we have the recommendations that will make your wedding day unforgettable.