The Beauty of Fragrant Wedding Flowers

Not only should your wedding flowers be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, they should also smell amazing. This can be a little bit harder to achieve than just putting colors together. The floral experts at Rose Hill Weddings will be glad to help you navigate the beauty and fragrance of gorgeous wedding flowers. Here is a list of some of the most fragrant flowers and how to incorporate them into your wedding day.

Roses: The beauty and timelessness of roses is always a perfect option for wedding flowers. Their unmistakable fragrance is unmatched and will leave guests surrounded by beauty the entire day.

Lavender: The beauty of these light purple stalks is only matched by their calm, soothing fragrance. Include a few sprigs of lavender in your bridal bouquet to help you remain calm and peaceful on your special day.

Hyacinth: Let the pleasing aromas of these precious blooms surround your guests when you place hyacinths at the center of each table at your wedding reception.

Peonies: A bright, full bloom surrounded by its own lovely fragrance makes peonies a perfect choice of wedding flower. Talk to your floral designer about creating entire bouquets for bride and bridesmaids, or accent other blooms with this fragrant flower.

Freesia: Light and fresh, the fragrance of freesia is a delightful reflection of spring or summer. Include these small, wildflower blooms as boutonnieres to add a bit of texture and fragrance to tuxedos and suits.

Include fragrant, gorgeous flowers for an all-around beautiful day that smells amazing. Use fragrant flowers in your bridal bouquet, corsages and centerpieces for a fresh look that friends and family will love. Talk to the floral designers at Rose Hill Weddings to learn more about how to incorporate fresh smelling flowers in your floral arrangements on your wedding day.