Tips for Choosing Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

An important step in planning your wedding is selecting which flowers will be in your bridal bouquet. There are so many pretty blooms, you may not know how to begin. But the experts at Rose Hill Flowers are here to help you. First, start by thinking about what is most important to you regarding the flowers you want to be included in your bouquet. For example, are you set on a particular favorite flower of yours, a favorite color of yours or of the wedding decor, or is it important to include flowers that have a symbolic significance? Once you know those answers, then it’s easy to begin. Keep reading to discover how to narrow down your options to what you want the most.    

Bridal bouquet with roses and peonies

Picking the Right Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

Here are three categories to keep in mind when selecting flowers for your bridal bouquet.

1. Traditional and Most Popular Wedding Flowers 

There are several popular and tradition flowers which find themselves featured in bridal bouquets over and over again. Why? Because these blooms are spectacular. The top seven are:

Roses –  Roses are the most popular flower in the world so it’s no surprise it’s also a popular wedding flower. Its beauty, fragrance, and a vast array of colors make it a very versatile bloom as well as a beloved one.

Tulips – With striking bold colors and a unique cup shape, tulips add passion and old-world charm.

Calla Lilies – Elegant and refined, Calla lilies come in gorgeous colors of purple, burgundy, yellow, and white. It is an exquisite flower. 

Lily of the Valley – Dainty, lovely, and classic, these tiny sweet blooms are popular among British royalty. 

Hydrangeas – Lush, full, and bountiful, hydrangeas grow in soft, romantic hues.

Peony – The peony is a large, bulbous bloom full of numerous fluffy petals and comes in shades of pink, red, white, and yellow. This is definitely a statement flower. 

Ranunculus – A round bud full of numerous paper-thin petals, the striking ranunculus is popular for its texture, interest, and delightful layers.

Bridal bouquet in hues of peach


2. Flowers in Your Favorite Color

A bridal bouquet made up of flowers with the same color, or shades of one color is chic, modern, and absolutely stunning. Monochromatic bouquets work well as a surprise pop of color and focal point that beautifully contrasts with the bride’s wedding dress or as the main item that brings together the overall color theme of the wedding. Possible options for creating a monochromatic bouquet are having a bunch of the same flower in the same color as a bouquet, or having one that includes a mix of flowers in the same color palette that features different shapes, textures, and sizes. 

Bridal bouquet with roses, dahlias, and lily of the valley


3. Flowers With Significant Symbolism

If you think it’s important to choose florals with significant symbolic meaning, then you’ll have plenty to choose from. The “language of flowers” is an important part of flowers overall and the message they convey. The majority of flowers do carry symbolic meaning. You’ll likely want to choose blooms that represent good luck, enduring love, and wedded bliss. Below are some good choices. 

Rose – Symbolizes Love, Deep Passion, Joy, and Desire

Peony – Symbolizes Romance, Happy Marriage, and Good Fortune

Baby’s Breath – Symbolizes Long-Lasting Love and Unity

Sunflower – Symbolizes Loyalty, Health, Happiness, and Longevity

Dahlia – Symbolizes Everlasting Bond and Elegance

Lilac – Symbolizes First Love, Passion, and Tranquility

Ranunculus – Symbolizes Attraction and Charm

Daisy – Symbolizes Motherhood, Friendship, and New Beginnings

Tulip – Symbolizes True Love

Lily of the ValleySymbolizes Purity, Motherhood, and Sweetness

Orchid – Symbolizes Love, Beauty, and Elegance

Stephanotis – Symbolizes Happy Marriage and Good Travels

Bridal bouquet of purple Calla lilies

Now you should be able to decide what’s important to you regarding your bridal bouquet. Do you want a bouquet with traditional and beautiful wedding flowers, a bouquet of flowers in a single color, or a bouquet of florals that carry symbolic meaning?  It’s possible to more than one of these categories in your bouquet, too. Most traditional flowers are symbolic significance in relation to weddings. After you’ve decided what direction you want to go in regarding your bridal bouquet, your wedding florist will be able to create the bridal bouquet of your dreams.