Tips for Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

When you begin planning your wedding, the idea of paying a lot of money for the venue can be difficult. You want to keep the cost of just holding the wedding to a minimum so you can invest more in some of the other details, like flowers, food, cake and entertainment. Unless a particular venue is an extra special to you and your partner, give yourself permission to think outside the box. Find a venue that will bring everyone together economically while allowing you to spend more of your wedding budget on special touches like your favorite flowers, your groom’s favorite cut of steak, or an open bar. The wedding experts at Rose Hill Weddings have broken down the basics when it comes to venue costs, plus we’re providing a few alternative ideas that will speak to your creative side.

Private Club Venues: While this may be one of the most expensive options, it can often be one of the easiest. If you or your family members belong to a country club, golf community, yacht club or other private establishment, having your wedding there could include everything from catering and decorating to entertainment and wedding coordinating as part of one package. Talk to your club first and find out the details- the price may be high but the amenities could be worth it.

Traditional Church Venue: The traditional church or chapel wedding simply can’t be beat for its timelessness. Plus, many churches offer a reception hall with full kitchens that can easily be converted for your reception, keeping your entire event in one place. While the beauty and holiness of a church setting may be just what you’re looking for on your wedding day, be sure to interview staff members about their protocol before booking. Typically alcohol will be prohibited, and many churches will only allow church members to get married in their venue (though some will rent out their space along with custodial services following the event). 

Outdoor Venues: To get creative with your setting and photography, consider holding your Tennessee wedding ceremony or reception at a gorgeous old barn like the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville. A beautiful rustic backdrop can lend itself to inexpensive decor, helping you keep costs low while indulging in style and personality big time. In a similar way, the bridges, water and Japanese gardens at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens make for a beautiful backdrop while blessing your guests with the beauty of the local area. With such a beautiful setting, you can keep decor to a minimum, letting the venue speak for itself. 

Wedding Arch with Blue Accents

Wedding Arch with Blue Accents

Your Own Backyard: One of the least expensive and most personal venues is right in your own backyard- literally! If you have the space, hosting a wedding at your own home (or that of your parents or another relative) can be a beautiful way to commemorate such a special day. While there may be some landscaping or other work to be done in preparation, you also can see this expense as an investment in your home’s value, as well. 

The space you choose to hold your wedding is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. You want to save room in your wedding budget for other expenditures while securing a beautiful setting for this special day. Once you’ve decided on your wedding venue, many other details can fall into place easily. For more help choosing the perfect setting for your wedding, share your ideas and inspiration with the professionals at Rose Hill Weddings. We’ll be glad to help you narrow down your choices, and we can recommend some of our favorite spots for the type of wedding you’re dreaming of.