Traditional Responsibilities of the Mother of the Bride

mother rolesThroughout the planning process, the modern bride makes most of the decisions. But Mom is never far way, watching quietly until she is needed – to interject a calm voice, to provide a few safety pins, or to rearrange the seating chart on the fly. The mother-of-the-bride has some traditional roles to be sure, but her most important role often turns out just being a mom!

Here are some customary roles – and some contemporary updates – that every mother of the bride should know about.

Moms generally will accompany their daughters to choose the wedding gown; if she lives someplace other than Nashville, consider a video chat! It’s a great way to involve Mom even if she is not there.

Moms are often asked to coordinate and compile the guest list; send out the invitations and manage the responses. These days many brides utilize electronic tools to manage this task, but Mom can still be there one to keep tabs on the count!

Moms are always happy to coordinate with the vendors. Although the bride and groom are more involved than ever in wedding plans, once the major decisions are made, Mom can relieve a lot of the stress by maintaining contact through the process.

Moms are the traditional hostess of the reception, but not the bridal shower. These days, however, both of those rules have eased. Bridal parties often welcome the help of the mother of the bride for the shower preparations, and the role of hostess at the reception is less formal when the couple has paid for their wedding.

Times have changed, and so have traditions – but two things have never changed. The first is that the bond between a mother and daughter is unique and special. The second is that you cannot have a wedding without flowers! From bouquets to corsages to eye-catching centerpieces, Rose Hill Flowers is the area’s leading provider of all things wedding floral – give us a call, or let Mom do it! Either way, you’ll love the flowers at Rose Hill.