Updated Wedding Etiquette No-Nos for Guests

Being a courteous wedding guest means following specific etiquette rules. You might think you know them all, but there could be several new ones you aren’t aware of, yet. Here at Rose Hill Flowers – Weddings & Special Events, we’ll help you exhibit exceptional guest behavior by dispensing important current wedding etiquette rules all who are attending should abide by.

wedding invitation with RSVP

RSVP as soon as possible

Many important planning decisions are made once the final headcount is in, such as food, alcohol, etc. If you put off until too late to RSVP, you’re likely making things a lot more difficult for the bride and caterer. Early responses give wedding planners and brides-to-be the information they need to finalize important details leading up to the big day. Also, obey the invitation by only reserving for the number of guests allotted to you.  . If the words, “and guest” are included, then you can bring someone along. If not, it’s too late to blindly add someone as it is to ask to bring someone as well.

Arrive early

Don’t be late! Show up as early as, but no sooner than, 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. This allows for you to have plenty of time to mingle and find your way to your seat. If you walk in late, you could end up interrupting the bride walking down the aisle, a really big faux pas! If a late arrival is unavoidable, wait outside until the entire bridal party has finished walking down the aisle, then quietly sneak in someone in the back to enjoy the rest of the ceremony.

Keep your phone silent & stashed away

Turn your phone’s ringer off to prevent any unwanted interruptions during important moments. It’s also a no-no to take photos – that’s what the wedding photographer is there for. Holding up your phone to take pictures at a wedding, no matter how casual, prevents the photographer from getting a good shot and also ruins the picture. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse and only check it occasionally for emergencies.

Do not post any wedding-related pictures 

Even if you were allowed to take photos (pre-ceremony) of the bride, venue, or set-up, under no circumstances should you post them on social media without the bride’s consent. All things wedding-related are for the bride only to share if she so desires. The bride has spent months getting every little detail down to create the look and vibe of the wedding, therefore, she is also the only one who curates all photos posted to social media.

People Cling Wine Glasses on Wedding Reception at table

Sit in your assigned seat

Don’t disregard your seat placement, trade seats with someone else, or ask for a new one. A lot of time and thoughtful planning is done by the bride and wedding planning to seat everyone in an ideal spot. When you locate your reserved seat, graciously introduce yourself and make convivial conversation with the other table guests.

Don’t hog the bride & groom’s time  

You may adore and be really close to the bride and/or groom, but during their wedding reception is not the time to hover around them or keep them all to yourself. The bride and groom have etiquette rules to follow as well, and one of them is to seek out all guests in attendance to chat with them, which could take some time. Make it easy for them by commenting on how wonderful they look and wishing them a great time. After they have made their way around the room talking to everyone, they can then come back to you to enjoy your company a bit longer.

Drink and behave responsibly

The bride is the only one who should be the talk of the wedding. Don’t embarrass her or yourself by being overly drunk, dramatic, or exhibiting poor social skills. It should also be mentioned that this is not the time or place to show off your Arthur Murray dancing skills or any other odd talent you have. The main attraction is the bride and that’s how it should remain. Refrain from doing anything that will detract attention from the bride.

Wedding Guest Book

Don’t forget to sign the guest book

Signing the Guestbook is a sweet tradition that allows the bride and groom to review all the guests who attended their wedding. It will eventually become a sentimental piece for the couple which they will enjoy looking at long after their wedding day has ended.

Follow the above etiquette rules to be an exceptional and gracious wedding guest everyone appreciates. Remember, for all your floral needs, from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries, or special events, Rose Hill Flowers provides gorgeous, fresh, and long-lasting flowers for all occasions.