Using Flowers at Bridal Showers

Bridal ShowerA bridal shower is a fun way to use flowers, and to do something really special with them that takes them to the next level. Finding the theme can be a challenge for many shower planners. When you draw inspiration from the bride’s interests, and take cues from fashion, decorating and design trends, you can come up with something that is fun, whimsical, unique, and truly memorable. You’ll accomplish that, thanks to Rose Hill Flowerss, because they’re Experts in the Art of Expression.

Start With Color

Start with a color scheme that you use for everything from the invitations to the table settings, linens, and flower arrangements. Make sure that the colors you choose are seasonally appropriate because you want to be sure you can get the freshest, seasonal flowers.

If you want to combine elements of boho chic and vintage, you’ll wind up with something truly unusual. Vintage table linens are beautiful, and they’re even more special when you use something that may have meaning for the bride and her family. After the event, make sure that the bride gets the linens to have to use in her new home.

Look for vintage pitchers or vases for flowers to really capture the essence of the theme. Pitchers are perfect additions a table set up for food, drinks or desserts. You can also give them to the bride after the shower, so she has the beginnings of a collection of vintage vases, dinnerware, or bowls.

Decide on Food and Drinks to Serve

If people are going to mingle and participate in other activities, stick to simple finger foods, the sort you might find at an elegant afternoon reception at a museum or other cultural event. Be sure you serve tea, because that’s a staple. Ice tea is another must. Make it more elegant by adding mint leaves and round slices of lemon or lime.

Party Favors

For party favors, think of something that everyone can enjoy, and something that’s unusual, and possibly useful. Air plant terrariums are very popular today, and they’re inexpensive and easy to find. Place a tear drop terrarium filled with gravel, preserved moss, and an air plant at each guests place. Be sure to attach care instructions to the hanger attached to each terrarium. Everyone will delight in this unusual party favor. They require very little maintenance, and best of all, they don’t take up a lot of space.