When to Book a Florist for Your Wedding or Special Event

Flowers are an indispensable part of weddings, corporate galas, and other celebratory events. Fresh florals have the amazing ability to transform ordinary events into something spectacular and extraordinary. If you are wanting flowers for an upcoming special occasion or a wedding, make sure you book your florist well in advance to get the best quality blooms. The floral design experts at Rose Hill Flowers have provided a timeline of when to order flowers as well as the many different ways flowers are used to enhance event spaces.  

Flowers hanging from ceiling

Hanging Flowers

Timeline for Ordering Flowers 

When pondering the types of flowers you’d like for your wedding or a special occasion, deciding on a color theme or floral palette can be overwhelming. Avoid stress and confusion by consulting with your florist early. They’ll help you realize your vision, provide clarity on design options, and guide you to seasonal blooms that will be available to you. Florists are crucial for such events – it’s what they do! Trust your florist to create an enchanting floral experience that will bring your event to life. Use the below guide to make sure you give yourself and your florist plenty of time for acquiring the perfect flowers for your event.  

Special Occasions Bouquets: 2-4 weeks in advance

Corporate Event / Gala with a custom order:  3-4 months in advance

Wedding Flowers: 6-9 months in advance

There are many ways to use florals to create a sensational event. Some of the most usual floral configurations are listed below so you can begin picturing how lovely your event will look.    

7 Ways Flowers Are Used in Your Wedding

Bridal Bouquet – From cascading to crescent to simple or lavish,  your florist can help you find the perfect bouquet. The bridal bouquet should be an extension of your tastes and personality – and should complement your dress rather than eclipse it. 

Ceremony Arch – A beautiful floral arch adds an elegant touch and makes for a gorgeous backdrop in wedding photos. You can keep the cost down by using mostly greenery with a few blooms that match your bouquet. Another option is a flower wall, which is another great backdrop for photos.

Men's Boutonniere

Flowers for the Wedding Party – Bouquets for the bridesmaids, corsages for family, and boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen are common types of florals used in weddings.   

Welcome Arrangements – Welcome your guests to your event with a dramatic floral arrangement that lets them know they are part of something truly special. 

Centerpieces – Fresh floral centerpieces enhance the tables where guests sit and are always a great talking point prompting easy conversation. Just make sure the flowers are not placed in a way that blocks the view of other people making it difficult to converse.   

Hanging Centerpieces – To clear up table space, opt for hanging floral centerpieces instead. Elegant and unique, hanging bouquets are a lovely sight. 

White 3 tiered cake with real red and pink flowers

Image from marthastewart.com

Wedding Cake Flowers – Adorn your white cake with gorgeous, bright blooms for a pop of color and elegance. Your florist can help you choose flowers that are edible, too.

To ensure your special event will have the best, brightest, and most fragrant blooms, talk to your florist well in advance. This will give them plenty of time or order any special request florals as well as guide you to an array of gorgeous flowers that will be at the height of the season during your event.