Your Guide to Wedding Corsages and Boutonnieres

While centerpieces, wreathes, and garlands can create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding, some of the most important flowers on your wedding day will be the ones that people wear. At Rose Hill Flowers, serving Nashville and the surrounding areas, our florists are here to help you make sure you have the perfect flowers for all the people at your wedding!

Who Wears Flowers in a Wedding?

Wedding flowers help to signify the most important people at a wedding. They make your closest friends and family members feel special and also help other guests identify the wedding party.

Who Wears a Corsage in a Wedding?

Wedding Coursages for Bridesmaids

Wedding Coursages for Bridesmaids

Traditionally, corsages are worn by women at a wedding. Most importantly, the bridesmaids and the flower girl, in addition to the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom should have corsages. Corsages can also be given to a female wedding officiant, any special female friend or family member, or someone who’s been assigned a particular task, such as greeting or ushering guests.

The bride can wear a corsage, but traditionally, the bride’s flowers are reserved for her bouquet.

Who Wears a Boutonniere in a Wedding?

Men's Boutonniere

Men’s Boutonniere

Like corsages help distinguish important women at the wedding, boutonnieres do the same for men. Any important male figure in a wedding should have a boutonniere. In addition to the groom and groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, ushers, officiants, and the ring bearer should all have boutonnieres.

Non-Traditional Ideas for Corsages, Boutonnieres, and Other Flowers Designed to Wear

Although traditions, floral and otherwise, provide a great roadmap for planning a wedding, you certainly don’t have to follow these traditions to the letter. We recommend always having something special for everyone important on your wedding day, but feel free to sway away from traditional designs and ideas.

Alternative Flowers for Women

Floral Hair Accent for Bride

Floral Hair Accent for Bride

Instead of offering the women at your wedding corsages, step outside the box and get everyone floral crowns or accents for their hair, Hawaiian-style leis, or floral anklets for a beach wedding. Instead of corsages for your bridesmaids, you can order nosegay bouquets that look like miniatures of your bridal bouquet. Another fun up-and-coming wedding flower trend is to order boutonnieres for the male and female members of the wedding.

Unexpected Design Elements

Boutonnieres for Men

Boutonnieres for Men

To add your own unique style to the boutonnieres and corsages at your wedding, ask your florist to use unexpected design elements or seasonal embellishments. You can use berries, twine, ribbons, leaves, herbs, wheat, succulents, feathers, pearls, and more!

Flowers for Four-Legged Family Members

Dog with Flower Collar

Dog with Flower Collar

If your pets are important members of the family and will be attending your wedding, they can have flowers, too! Although dogs look cute in flower crowns, the most practical option is to go with a florally-adorned collar, harness, or leash. Just be sure to let your florist know they’ll need to avoid flowers that are toxic to cats and dogs, like baby’s breath, chrysanthemums, azaleas, and others.

For More Inspiration, Ask Rose Hill Flowers!

For more great ideas for a traditional or non-traditional wedding flower look, we welcome you to contact Rose Hill Flowers. Our professionals can help you choose the best flowers, designs, and traditional or non-traditional ideas for all the corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets in your wedding.