7 Great Ways to Make a Grand Entrance into Your Wedding Reception

After the wedding ceremony is done and the professional photos taken, it’s time to let loose and have some fun at your reception! But, the party doesn’t officially start until the bride and groom make their grand entrance into the reception area. You can walk through with the DJ announcing you while playing a great song, many couples do it this way, or, you can use this opportunity to make an entrance that’s spectacular, fun, and memorable. A little pre-planning and coordinating with the DJ is all it takes. The flower experts at Rose Hill Flowers give you 7 fresh and unique ideas for making your grand entrance…. grand!

bride and groom on bicycle

1. Sparklers

For a glowing, sparkle-filled entrance, have your bridal party hold colorful sparklers overhead forming a “lighted tunnel” as you walk through. 

2. Get in the Spotlight

Turn the lights down low and put a spotlight on just you and your groom as you enter while a great song is playing. Enjoy the Hollywood treatment all the way to the dance floor as you begin your first dance.  

silhouette of bride and groom facing each other

3. Add a Countdown Clock

Display a countdown clock to mark the time when the newly married couple will arrive. As the clock ticks down, the energy level of the guests will rise in expectation until it hits zero and the couple enters into a rousing, cheering crowd. 

4. Show Off Your Dance Moves

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to get your groove on. Have the DJ play an upbeat song while you and your groom foxtrot, waltz, rhumba, or freestyle dance your way into the reception area. Get the bridal party in on the act too for a fun and memorable moment.

bride and groom holding hands up in air

5. Balloon Drop

Have a bunch of colorful balloons drop just as you enter the reception area and rush to the dancefloor. A delight for kids and adults, seeing balloons bounce across the floor while people are walking and dancing is always entertaining. You could also do a rose petal or confetti drop, too.

6. Romantic Low Fog

Low fog machines are great for creating an ethereal, romantic dreamscape as the couple enters the room. This is the perfect moment for the bride and groom to perform their first with a layer of fog covering creating mystery and a fairytale romance. 

bride and groom dancing on dance floor covered in fog

7. Parade Your Way In

If the reception venue is within walking distance, make a scene and a fabulous “Wow” moment by hiring a band to escort the couple down the street is a joyful parade of music and jubilee. It’s a great way to kick off a party! 

Several Exit Ideas

  • End your wedding with a silhouette of the bride and groom sharing one last kiss as they walk into the future. A romantic and charming sentiment made even more so when small kids and family members walk in after them.  
  • Drive off down a road lined with cold sparkler machines that go off as you drive by or shoot off fireworks a bove. 
  • Create a tunnel arch holding sparklers, or glow sticks, as the couple walks through. 

The grand entrance marks the transition from formal ceremony to let’s have some fun! With a little creativity and help from your DJ, florist, and bridal party, you can make an entrance that’s festive, fun, entertaining, and uniquely you. 

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