Head Table Or Sweetheart Table? How to Decide Which One Is Right for You

Planning a wedding comes with making many decisions. Some are easy and others are not so easy to make. For example, where the newly married couple is going to sit at the reception. Depending on the size of the venue, the number of people in the bridal party, and the feel you’re going for should all be taken into account in making your decision. The traditional head table where close friends or family and members of the bridal party may not be appropriate for smaller weddings while the sweetheart table may appear odd in some settings. The floral experts here at Rose Hill Flowers explore in detail the benefits of each option so you can better decide which is best for you. 

Round table with MR and MRS on it and two wooden chairs

The Sweetheart Table – Pros

A sweetheart table is a smaller table in the reception area that is set up for only two people – the bride and groom. The table is typically set up at the front of the room so the couple can face their guests. Members of the bridal party will sit at adjacent tables. The main benefits of a sweetheart table are being able to enjoy some quality alone table with your spouse and take a break from attending to everyone, as well as allowing bridal party members to sit next to their own love ones.

With the bride and groom seated at a sweetheart table, it takes them out of the “center of the action” for a moment so the bridesmaids and groomsmen can mingle with others and not feel obligated to dote on the honored couple. Also, once dinner is finished, the separated bride and groom can then easily move around the room greeting and talking to everyone. Guests love and appreciate the special attention they receive from the bride and groom, and this act can often be overlooked if the couple is immersed and comfortable within the familiarness of the bridal party. 

A final benefit of the sweetheart table is you can creatively adorn it with fabulous floral designs and other decor items to make it extra special. 

Head table with white linen and wooden chairs underneath white tent

Head Table – Pros

Head tables are larger and expected to fit the bridal party and immediate family members. Being surrounded by those who are your “support group” and know you best can help calm your nerves, relax, and prepare to enjoy the rest of the evening celebrations. Plus, including the bridal party in such a significant way is a great way to honor them. 

More convivial and less isolated than a sweetheart table, a head table set up makes the bride and groom more approachable by other guests and more engaged with everyone in the room. Sometimes a sweetheart table makes the couple appear snobbish and isolated, which is the opposite of how a head table makes them appear.

Finally, when set up right, the head table can be very visually appealing and centers the room as being the primary point of focus. At the same time, though, an overcrowded table can look chaotic and overwhelming which takes the focus off of the honored couple.

Both options are perfectly suitable and either one will enhance your wedding experience. A sweetheart table may fit better at a smaller wedding, but can also be a romantic and decorative respite at larger weddings. In the end, it all comes down to what you prefer and which option best suits your style.