9 Wedding Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2022

After two years of numerous weddings being put on hold, 2022 is the year weddings are coming back in a big way according to industry experts. According to projections, an estimated 2.5 million weddings will take place in 2022. This is more than twice the number of weddings held in 2020 a big increase over the average of 2.1 million weddings held annually before COVID struck. There’s no doubt the pandemic has had a major impact on the wedding industry where micro weddings, zoom weddings, and small backyard receptions became the norm. While some trends from this period remain, such as smaller guest lists and more intimate events, 2022 is ready to move on from pandemic-related nuptials (as much as possible) and celebrate anew. The floral experts at Rose Hill Flowers – Weddings and Special Events have looked into the future to showcase top trends we’ll be seeing in 2022 weddings.   

Hot Trends for 2022 Weddings  


Curated Guest Lists

A remnant from pandemic era weddings, couples continue to prefer small guest lists and inviting just a small group of close friends and relatives. In fact, compared to 2019 where 50% of couples wanted 100 guests or more, only 17% of today’s couples want that many. For 2022, the average size of the guest list ranges between 35-70 people.


Romantic path to wedding banquet in beautiful green garden

Nature-Inspired Weddings

With a renewed interest in nature that came about from being stuck for long periods of time during the pandemic, we are seeing plenty of florals and greenery making their way into weddings. Mother Nature’s beautiful fresh blooms and health-boosting green plants are being incorporated into wedding ceremonies and receptions like never before. Many couples are opting for a garden wedding, an outdoor venue with lush landscaping and a great view, or bringing the outside in through by including numerous plants and flowers in their decor.



Quality over Quantity

Rather than large weddings in large spaces, and a large number of people, couples are downsizing to provide an intimate, personal, and one-of-a-kind experience instead. Smaller guest lists allow couples to offer a more meaningful celebration by focusing quality, and personal touches such as floral installations, specialty menus, and comfortable seating.


Closeup of white wedding cake with flowers on top. cake on the cake-shelf. white milk cream. cake decorated with pink and purple flowers

Artful Cakes

Dramatic and stunning multi-tiered cakes are back! Forget donut walls and cupcake stations! Wedding cakes in 2022 will be anything but boring. Look for brightly colored, highly decorative cakes – many adorned with fresh flowers or greenery. These stunning cakes are more statement pieces than dessert! 


Romantic outdoor wedding in the old greenhouse- white tablecloth, empty glasses, white table setting, wild fresh flowers

Weekday Weddings

With thousands of weddings postponed in 2020 and 2021, this year there will be a considerable wedding boom. Prime weedend days are likely already booked, leading couples to look to weekday options. This will soon become the norm, and it actually can be beneficial as weekday weddings are typically less expensive. Also, it allows couples to turn their wedding into a 3-4 day “wedding experience” with friends and family from out of town. This, too, is a growing trend for 2022 and beyond.  


Wedding on the beach. Beautiful wedding arch, decorated with flowers

Color Is Back

Muted, pastel tones have been popular the last few years, but now couples are looking for some bold colors to include in their wedding palette. Whether its just a pop of color here and there, or a full range of vibrant hues, colorful wedding decor is coming back.  


Wedding. Banquet. Mr. and Mrs. signs on wooden board decorated by flowers and greenery and lounge zone including chairs and tables.

Statement Details

The desire to create an intimate and memorable wedding experience is leading couples to invest in one-of-a-kind statement details such as vintage items, antiques, plush, comfortable seating, and beautiful floral installations. These thoughtful touches are not only a reflection of the bride and groom’s personality but are also expected to enhance guest’s experience. 


Festive wedding table setting with flowers, napkins, cutlery, glasses and candles, bright summer table decor.

Naturally Styled Fresh Flowers

A trend florists are starting to see for 2022 wedding is natural, loosely-styled flowers as centerpieces and table decoration. Also becoming popular are hanging flower arrangements suspended and floral wall installations which are not only a focal point, but also a gorgeous photo backdrop. Many couples also want the flowers and plants to be repurposed by donating them after the reception or having guests take them home to enjoy.  


Handsome groom kissing blonde beautiful bride in magical fairy tale carriage in sunlit park

Bridgerton Inspiration

The Netflix series, Bridgerton, has caused a rise in Regency-era style and decor in the wedding world. Along with it comes a lot of romance and glamour. Venues such as historic architectural structures and grand ballrooms adorned with lavish fresh blooms are the go-to spots for those brides who want to indulge their inner princess.

We love all of these wedding trends and expect them to be around well beyond 2022. After all, natural elements, personal touches, and an experience to remember is what all weddings should be about. For all your wedding and event floral needs, Rose Hill Flowers is here to help.