Most Popular Blooms & Their Look-Alike Substitutions

When planning for a special event, like your wedding, there are probably several flowers you have your heart set on to be included in the decor. However, due to shortages or lack of availability, because they are out of season, you may not be able to get the favorite blooms you wanted. But, don’t despair, as there are plenty of alternative flowers that make great substitutes for popular blooms and are so similar you may not even be able to tell the difference. The important thing is to work closely with your florist as they are experts in creating the look you want, and with their vast knowledge of florals, they will find the perfect substitutions. Here at Rose Hill Flowers – Weddings & Events, we list some of the more popular wedding flowers and a variety of substitute blooms that are so similar, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Alternatives for Your Favorite Blooms

Pink flowers peonies flowering on background pink peonies. Peonies garden.

Pink Peonies

Peonies: Seems like everyone wants peonies as a part of their floral decor… and who wouldn’t?! Peonies are one of the most gorgeous, romantic, soft, and voluptuous blooms around. Unfortunately, they only bloom in the months of May and June.

Pink Yves Piaget Garden Rose

Pink Yves Piaget Garden Rose

Peony Substitutes: Check out Double Tulips or Garden Roses and you just might be surprised by how much they resemble peonies. Double tulips have numerous delicate petals that present a round and full look, and garden roses, with an abundance of fluffy, soft petals also resemble peonies and are excellent substitutes. Plus, garden roses smell terrific. If you are a fan of the dark pink peony, then be sure to look at the Yves Piaget garden rose – it’s a spot-on duplicate!


Light Yellow Dahlia up close

Yellow Dahlia

Dahlias: An wonderful statement bloom, dahlias are another popular wedding flower. The dahlia bloom has many cylindrical petals giving it a striking design and a full, bountiful shape. If you love dahlias but find they are unavailable or out of your price range for your event,  you’ll be pleased to discover there are terrific alternatives.

Yellow Zinnia

Yellow Zinnia

Dahlia Substitutes: Just as striking and magnificent as the dahlia are other large, multi-petal, globe-like blooms such as zinnias, football (or pom-pom) chrysanthemums, or bahlia mums. Any one of these varieties sub in nicely for the dahlia, so much so, most people won’t even notice they’re not dahlias.


pink and white anemones in glass vase. Bunch pastel color. the concept of a florist in a flower shop. Wallpaper.

White Anemones

Anemones: A fun flower that adds pep along with a pop of color to any arrangement. Popular in bridal bouquets, anemone flowers are only available from October to May.

Pink/White Poppy -

White Poppy

Anemone Substitutes: Poppies! With a similar structure and petals, poppies are a great alternative to anemones. Another good sub is the daisy, especially ones that have a dark center.


Larkspur flowers, Delphinium elatum


Larkspur: Known as a “line flower,” Larkspur are long-stemmed flowers with multiple blossoms on each one. They are terrific for adding diagonal lines and height to arrangements. If you need something similar to Larkspur, you’ll find there are plenty of alternatives.

Snapdragon flowers in multi colours


Larkspur Substitutes: For spear-like blooms that also have height and colorful, dainty blossoms, seek out similar varieties such as snapdragons, gladioli, and matthiolas.


pink rose Bush on a green background

Pink Spray Roses

Spray Roses: Frequently used as filler flowers, spray roses are small, delicate roses that typically have 3 blooms to a stem. When grouped together in a bunch, they are lovely and sweet.

bouquet of pink lisianthus on a pink background, top view, eustoma

Pink Lisianthus

Spray Roses Substitutes: To create a similar look to spray roses, use mini carnations, button mums, or lisianthus flowers for filler. Any one of these charming florals will add delight and beauty to your bouquet.


If there are particular flowers or greenery you really want in your floral decor, consult with your local florist for locating them or finding the best alternative (and affordable) options. Florists are experts at creating the look you desire and know exactly how to get it. Besides substitutes, florists also employ certain “tricks” of the trade for enhancing blooms with a particular hue (through dyeing), a thorough fluffing (opening blooms), or using silk flowers (here and there) to perfect a look. For all of your wedding or event floral needs, contact Rose Hill Flowers – Weddings & Events and we’ll be happy to help.