Best Tips for Creating a DIY Flower Bar for Your Celebration

A fun and fresh way to inspire guests to get up out of their seats and interact with one another is with a bright and lush flower bar. Your wedding reception, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or any other event will be one of the most memorable and enjoyable as guests get a taste of floristry and design their own “flower favor” to take home with them. From bouquets and mini arrangements to wreaths and floral crowns, the opportunity for unique flower creations is limitless. The team at Rose Hill Weddings knows that flower bars are not only great for your guests but fill your venue with lovely fragrances and your favorite-colored blooms, making it a charming spot for photos, too.


Woman creating wedding flower crown

Types of Flower Bars

With a multitude of floral arrangements and bouquet styles, comes a multitude of flower bar styles. When it comes to selecting the kind of flower bar you want to create for your celebration, take into consideration your guest list, the type of event you are hosting, and if there is a specific theme you want to stick with. For example, a fun idea for a bachelorette party is to create mock bouquets to use as props for your wedding rehearsal. Other celebrations may be better suited for a specific color palette to complement the look and feel of the venue. You may also opt for offering your guests a certain style of vases or design, from whimsical flower crowns to classic mini arrangements to display at home.


Variety of peach flowers and greens.

Choosing the Fun Stuff

To create your own “Pinterest perfect” flower bar, there is a list of essentials you need in addition to your favorite flowers. Select blooms that match your event or settle on a cohesive color pallet to make the process of mixing and matching easy for guests. You will also need to include greenery and filler flowers. Depending on your specific type of flower bar, a collection of baskets, wreaths, vases, and/or metal circles will be important for guests to choose from. Have fun shopping for accessories and finishing touches like gems, ribbon, and burlap.


Pink flowers, scissors, and basket for DIY flower arrangement.

Essentials You Need

You don’t want to overlook other essential items like wire cutters, scissors, green wire, floral tape, and a waste bin. It is also a good idea to have extra water buckets and plant food on hand to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful. Finally, set up your award-winning flower bar by incorporating risers, stands, and crates, labels for the flowers, signs for guests, lovely linens, and an example to spark inspiration.


Male florist arranging pink and white flowers at the bar.

How About a “Bartender?”

While bartenders are a part of traditional bars, you can hire a floral “bartender” to assist guests at your flower bar. This means hiring a professional florist to lend a hand and offer their expertise as your guests pair flowers and create arrangements. “Bartenders” are a great way to ensure your event runs smoothly and everyone is happy with their final creation.

The wonderful thing about incorporating a flower bar into your celebration is that each guest, no matter their age or walk of life, can enjoy it. The experts at Rose Hill Weddings can help ensure your mesmerizing display is the perfect installment that also doubles as decor with amazing blooms. As guests marvel over their “make-and-take” flower designs at home, they will be sure to reminisce on the fun memories and your beautiful celebration.