Six Ideas for Celebrating Your Wedding with Fur Babies

As you plan your wedding and confirm your guest list, make sure not to overlook one special furry pal. Fur babies are becoming more popular to have at weddings, and your special day may not be complete without yours. Your friends at Rose Hill Weddings have discovered the top six cute and creative ways to include your four-legged friend in your ceremony and reception. From inspiring a signature drink to walking down the aisle themselves, there are many ways to incorporate your most-loved pet into your wedding.


German shepherd carrying bridal bouquet

Furry Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

A new twist on tradition is making your furry friend the ring bearer or flower girl for your big day. Wedding guests are sure to give their attention to the adorable fur baby prancing down the aisle towards you and your fiancé. Help your pet get into character and fill their role by dressing them in a bowtie, tuxedo, floral crown, or white skirt and veil and adorn their leash with beautiful wedding blooms.


Little dog wearing a dress and wedding sign near wedding ceremony arch

“Hire” an Enthusiastic Greeter

What better job for your outgoing furry friend than greeting guests as they walk through the door to your wedding? Everyone will swoon over the happy grin, wagging tail, and maybe even puppy kisses as they enter your celebration of love.


Two dogs in black bow ties walking down wedding aisle

Have a Personal Escort

One of the most memorable wedding moments for you and your guests could be the time your furry best friend escorted you down the aisle on your wedding day. Alternatively, if you plan on having someone else close to your heart walk you down the aisle, we are certain that Fido or Chloe would be the perfect escort and “arm candy” for a parent, grandparent, or anyone else in need of a partner.


Bridesmaids and little fluffy dog

Add to Your Bridal Party

The perfect way to even out your bridal party, if you have an uneven number, is by including your fur baby. Or include them anyway so that all of your best friends are accounted for and by your side as you marry the love of your life. Your furry best friend can be dressed and wedding-ready, walk down the aisle with your bridal party, and even hold the title of “dog (or cat) of honor” as they stand by your side.


Bride getting ready with little dog in a tuxedo

Get Ready Together

Inviting your special boy or girl into the suite with you and your friends as you get ready and celebrate, will also help to calm any wedding jitters or nerves. Share these last precious moments as a bachelor or bachelorette with your fur baby before you become a new family. In addition, your four-legged friend will also need time to get ready for the big ceremony, too.


His and hers signature wedding cocktails sign

Name Signature Cocktails After Them

If you are planning a signature cocktail menu, be sure to include at least one item that is inspired by your truest and furriest friend. You can keep it simple, like having “The Fido” be a rum and coke or “The Chloe” be your favorite malibu bay breeze. You can also get creative and add some of their favorite fruits to your drinks or play on their names. For example, if your pet is named Jack or Bailey, you can create cocktails with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey or Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Before there was “true love” in your life, you had the purest “puppy (or kitten) love” there is. When celebrating love and becoming a new family, you cannot forget to include your fur baby. If you are looking for the best flower accessories for your furry friend or more ways to honor them at your wedding, your friends and experts here at Rose Hill Weddings are ready to lend a hand.