Honoring Your Mother On Your Wedding Day

Our moms hold a special place in our hearts. They were there for every scraped knee, birthday party, and milestone moment as we transitioned from quirky kids to accomplished – and ideally, graceful – adults. Naturally, you’re eager to honor her like the royalty she is on your big day, as she watches you begin your forever journey with the love of your life! At Rose Hill Weddings in Nashville, Tennessee, we’re all about this beautiful gesture – offering our best advice to make sure it’s a memorable day for both the mothers of the groom and mothers of the bride.

Have Her Help You Get Ready For Your Big Day

Getting ready for the big day is no small feat for the bride and groom, covering all bases from nailing that hair and makeup to picking out the perfect jewelry — and of course, putting on “the” dress and tux! When you have your mom there as your main support, it shows her just how much you really trust her to get every little detail right. These moments, full of excitement and butterflies, are best shared with your favorite people. It’s way more than just getting things done, it’s about celebrating that special bond only you two have.

Mom helping bride get ready for wedding

Use Her Favorite Flowers in Your Bouquet

Did your mom have the magic touch in the garden when you were a kid, making your yard a wonderland of tulips every spring and a paradise of roses in the summer? Was she the type to always have a vase of fresh peonies sitting on the table? Pay homage to those sweet childhood memories by making your mom’s favorite flowers the statement blooms of your bridal bouquet or boutonniere. It’s a gesture that vibes with the joy of your big day, celebrating family history and natural beauty.

Bride holding wedding bouquet with white, peach, and red flowers

Have Your Florist Make Her Custom Wearable Flowers

Your bouquet might be the star of the show, but let’s not forget about the moms! On your big day, it’s vital that both the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride have their own floral flair. Have your florist whip up a pretty corsage, a chic floral crown, or other unique wearable flower art just for her. It’s the perfect thing to wear as a mom at a wedding, tailored to match her vibe and blend with the celebration’s energy. It’ll make her stand out in the crowd and feel extra special!

Bride putting corsage on mother's arm

Involve Her in Your Wedding Traditions

Involving your mom in your wedding ceremony is a heartfelt tribute to her on this important day! Consider breaking with tradition and having her escort you down the aisle, offering a contemporary twist. Alternatively, she could play a central role by officiating your marriage, being intimately involved as you exchange vows. There’s also the possibility of a touching mother-son or mother-daughter dance at your reception – it’s something we absolutely adore. Plus, who better than mom to assist you in the ritual of finding something old, new, borrowed, and blue?

Bride carrying floral with parents escorting her

Give Her the Bridal Bouquet After the Ceremony

Once the vows are exchanged and the celebration begins, pay a special tribute to your mom by handing over your wedding bouquet and boutonniere for her to keep. It’s a heartfelt wedding gift for moms and a tangible reminder of the big day! This gesture marks your new journey into married life while honoring the lasting love you have for your mom. It’s a touching way to say thank you and a fresh alternative to the old school bouquet toss, too.

Bride holding our bouquet of flowers

At Rose Hill Weddings, we believe in celebrating our moms and sharing our joy for them being in our lives — it’s seriously heartwarming to see! Remember, your wedding is just a single day, but the memories and photos last a lifetime.

Make mom shine