How to Create a New England-Style Wedding With Beachy Vibes Wherever You Are

Getting married in a charming northern beach town like Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod is the dream for many. However, you can create this idyllic atmosphere wherever you might be; the key is embracing the preppy, beachy vibe often called coastal grandmother style. This look can be achieved by carefully selecting florals, decorations, and touches that evoke the classic beauty of the northern coast. Rose Hill Weddings, the leading florist in Nashville, Tennessee, has everything you need to infuse your special day with the enchanting ambiance of New England.

Chose a Venue With a Waterfront Setting

Firstly, capturing the energy of a beachy, Martha’s Vineyard-style wedding starts with selecting the perfect waterfront location. It’s all about fostering a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. Scout for local venues that provide a view of water — a lake, river, or a beautifully designed pool — to mirror the expansive Atlantic Ocean. Whether it’s a gazebo by the water, a deck that faces the waves, or a stretch of sandy beach, these settings can effectively channel coastal energy. The goal is to enhance the natural scenery with subtle touches that support, rather than overshadow, the naturally beautiful backdrop.

Bride and groom embracing near water

Trade in Traditional Tropical Blooms for Blue and White Floral Arrangements

While tropical flowers are gorgeous, a New England beach wedding is best complemented by more refined, classic floral choices. Opt for blooms in shades of white and blue to reflect the hues of the ocean, creating an elegant and lush aesthetic reminiscent of a scenic, coastal landscape. Hydrangeas, known for their full, rounded blossoms, are abundant in New England and make stunning additions to bouquets and centerpieces. Combine them with calla lilies, white roses, and delphiniums to craft floral arrangements with coastal sophistication.

Bride and bridesmaids holding blue and white bouquets

Coordinate Bouquets and Boutonnières with Coastal Wedding Attire

At a coastal wedding, the attire should have a preppy and polished style with a relaxed flair. Brides shine in crisp, white dresses; be it an airy, flowing gown or a minimalist slip dress, both beautifully align with the seaside ambiance. Grooms sport elegance in light-hued suits or crisp navy blue blazers paired with trousers. Select flower arrangements such as bouquets and boutonnières in shades of white, blue, or trendy peach to harmonize with the attire, adding a hint of the ocean’s charm to your floral decor.

White boutonniere pinned to blue suit jacket

Revamp Classics Flowers By Pairing Them With Unique Blooms

While adhering to the classic color scheme of Martha’s Vineyard, consider giving your arrangements some creative flair by introducing unique flowers. Mix traditional choices like roses and hydrangeas with distinctive blooms such as white anemones, or incorporate greenery and succulents for a wild, natural aesthetic. These additions can enrich your floral decor with depth and interest, giving your wedding a unique edge and a vibe that’s both novel and nostalgic.

Wedding arch adorned with white, blue, and peach blooms

Gift Guests Nautical-Theme Wedding Favors

Conclude your celebration by sending guests home with a bit of the Atlantic coast: nautical-themed wedding favors. Incorporate subtle maritime elements that reflect the spirit of your northern beach town of choice. Opt for favors such as anchor-shaped cookies, sea-scented soaps, gourmet snacks, or personalized bottle openers that serve coastal grandmother energy. These thoughtful tokens not only express gratitude to your guests for their presence but also remind them of the beautiful, timeless locale of your union.

Nautical themed wedding favors

A classic, beachy, preppy wedding is all about channeling coastal elegance, regardless of location. By carefully selecting your venue, flowers, attire, and favors, you can infuse your event with the charm of the North Atlantic. Follow these tips from Rose Hill Weddings to create a serene and stylish celebration.

Coastal charm