No Bloom Left Unturned: The Floral Cheat Sheet For Your Wedding

Jumping into wedding planning can feel like you’re scrolling through inspiration pics for days, and yes, it can be a bit much. If that’s hitting home for you, you’re totally not alone. Before you start plotting out your dream wedding vision board, you should know what you’re really looking for. Good news — we’ve got your back!

Wedding flowers add color, beauty, and tradition to your celebration, making it even more memorable and a way to honor the special people in your life. The flowers you hold on your way down the aisle, those making your reception extra elegant, and the blooms carried by your loved ones all hold deep meaning and play a role in the story of your romance. Curious about the most beautiful ways to feature fresh floral on your big day? Rose Hill Weddings is here with a flower cheat sheet for incorporating your favorite florals into your wedding, ensuring your day is infused with the blossoms you love the most.

Flowers Bring the Vibes

The magic of fresh flowers can transform your wedding day. Dreaming of a 1920s Speakeasy vibe, a romantic French Countryside feel, or embracing a boho style? Flowers are your go-to for making these themes a reality. They infuse every space with fresh and organic beauty, adding elegance and a unique twist that’s all you.

Three floral bouquets on wedding table

Who Gets Flowers?

The short answer? Nearly everyone involved! The wedding party, parents, and all the friends and family — and yes, your fur baby — who’ve made your day unforgettable deserve their special flowers.


Every bride deserves a stunning bouquet to accompany her aisle walk! But why stop there? Flowers in your hair or a whimsical floral crown can beautifully highlight your free-spirited nature. If you plan to do a bouquet toss at the reception, get an extra bouquet. You’ll want to keep your main bouquet safe and sound for future display in your home as a beautiful reminder of your special day.


The right boutonniere can elevate a groom’s outfit, showing that florals aren’t exclusive to the ladies’ attire. Explore a range of floral accessories for men, such as stylish pocket squares or full-lapel creations, to make your own fashion statement!

Wedding Party

Members of your wedding party often have smaller versions of your boutonniere or bouquet, or they may rock a bold, new floral aesthetic. Whether their blooms match or complement yours, the look will be stunning as they stand with you.

Flower Girls (of Course!)

Every flower girl loves carrying baskets brimming with petals, sprinkling them along the aisle to set the stage for the bride’s anticipated arrival. Adding touches like fresh blossoms in their hair, charming floral crowns, or little bouquets will ensure your delightful mini-me is the center of attention for her big moment.

Ring Bearers 

Don’t leave out the ring bearers! These dapper little gents can also roll with the floral theme with boutonnieres that proudly show their role in the wedding party.

Mothers & Grandmothers 

Pay homage to your moms and grandmoms on your big day; they truly deserve it! Including touches that celebrate them, like elegant corsages or petite bouquets matching the wedding theme, is a wonderful way to show gratitude to these pivotal figures — because, really, where would we be without them?

Fathers & Grandfathers

Create special boutonnieres for the amazing gents who have shaped your life, namely your dads and granddads. It’s an elegant and heartfelt way to pay tribute to the leading men of the family with affection and thankfulness.

Special Recognitions

Your personal floral arrangements can also honor additional key folks in your life on your wedding day, including godparents, the officiant (who’s likely a close friend or relative), and even your pet if they’re taking part in the festivities. To remember and pay tribute to loved ones who have passed away but are still present in your heart, you can create a dedicated arrangement to adorn their intended seat.

Groom holding bouquet while bride pins boutonniere to jacket

Where to Incorporate Flowers in Your Ceremony?

Beginning with your magnificent entrance and moving through to those heartfelt vows, flowers are the backdrop, the accents, and the statement pieces, setting the stage for an utterly stunning atmosphere. Here’s a selection of flowers to consider having at your ceremony.

Welcome Flowers

Start your wedding on a beautiful note with a floral arrangement that offers a sneak peek of the beauty that awaits. Whether it’s subtle touches on a welcome board or large arrangements that stand by the entrance, these flowers set the tone.

Aisle Markers

Line the walkway to the altar with flower designs that match the energy of your theme, weaving in romance and bursts of color with every stride. Whether around candles or lanterns, fastened to the seats, or in sophisticated vases on the floor, they add allure and personality.

Wedding Arch

The focal point for photos at your venue will undoubtedly be your wedding arch, chuppah, pergola, or arbor. It’s the sacred place where you’ll pledge your love, drawing all eyes to the spot. Work with your florist to craft a beautiful and unforgettable creation that will endure in photographs for years to come.

Unity Florals

Incorporating unity florals into your ceremony serves as a beautiful metaphor for intertwining two lives, marking the beginning of your new journey together. Whether it’s a simple, elegant arrangement placed on the unity table, offering flowers to your in-laws, or merging separate stems into one combined bouquet, there are many ways to celebrate your union.

Outdoor wedding on lawn with floral arch and seating

Where to Display Flowers at Your Reception?

Fresh flowers should grace every corner, decorate every table, and enhance every instant of your reception, from the stunning centerpieces to the Instagram-worthy areas for guests’ photo ops. There are, of course, some prime spots we especially recommend.


Entrance flowers, like the welcome flowers at your wedding ceremony, are a delightful greeting for your guests. Whether you’re repurposing floral arrangements from the day’s earlier events or designing custom pieces for the entryway, these blooms are the fresh first impression of your reception.

Head Table or Sweetheart Table

Make sure this table gets attention with the help of beautiful blooms. Dramatic centerpieces or floral runners can transform these essential spaces into focal points of your reception. Adding vases filled with water to display the wedding party’s bouquets adds additional elegance. And, if you’re having a sweetheart table, repurposing the ceremony’s arch or floral wall can serve as a romantic backdrop for the newlyweds.

Guest Tables

Use centerpieces as your canvas to express your personal vibe and give your wedding theme life. From large and tall to lush and low, or even a blend of the two, these flowers will spark conversations between guests during dinner.

Specialty Tables: Guest Book Tables, Memory Tables, Gift/Card Tables

Adorn special areas like the guest book station, memory displays of you and your sweetie or relatives, and the gifts and cards table with small flower arrangements. This makes these important areas pop and integrate nicely into the overall wedding decor. It’s a great way to extend the energy of your wedding to every corner of your venue, beyond just the dining areas.


Elevate your cake table not just with delectable desserts and fresh blooms but also by embellishing your cake with flowers that showcase your personal style. Work closely with your baker and florist to design a wedding cake that incorporates flowers and greenery in a way that either sweeps down in a cascade, decorates each tier, or adds a simple yet stylish flair.

Bars & Buffet Tables

While we’re on the subject of tasty treats, consider elevating the energy of your bar spaces and buffet tables with floral touches for added luxury. Use small arrangements to beautify these key areas for food and drinks, welcoming guests to savor their favorite drinks and snacks.

Lounges & Rest Areas

Decorating lounges and relaxation spots at your wedding reception is key for guest enjoyment. Arrange flowers to make these spaces inviting and lush, where folks can relax before they’re ready to dance again. Adding florals to the restrooms will also create an aura of tranquility, giving guests a serene and lovely space to freshen up in.

Grand Exit

The big finale of your wedding celebration is no doubt the big send-off! Provide your guests with flowers or petals to shower over you, or create a stunning floral archway to pass through on your way out — maybe even leading to a car decked out in luxe floral!

Outdoor wedding reception seating with flowers

Other Considerations

Though flowers are a highlight of the wedding day, they can also beautify pre-wedding events and celebrations afterward. Whether during the proposal or at a post-wedding brunch, incorporating flowers adds a magical element to every step of your love story.


Craft an amazing setting for popping the question with a gorgeous display that matches your unique bond, making the setting as beautiful as the question itself. Consider everything from a path lined with petals to a grand bouquet meant to be held and even a stylish corsage for him — each is a chance for your love story to blossom.

Engagement Parties

Mark the occasion of your engagement with gorgeous centerpieces that amplify the love you feel for each other. Invite your guests into a space filled with these arrangements, which celebrate the joyful occasion and ensure a mood of merriment from the very beginning.

Wedding Showers

Fill the wedding shower with an abundance of life and love! Beautify the space with fresh flowers that flow gracefully over tables and throughout the venue, creating a cocoon of love and excitement for the bride-to-be. Plus, order custom bouquets for the bride, both mothers, and bridesmaids for that extra special touch.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Flowers find a way to fit in at any festivity, regardless of where it’s held or how it’s celebrated! Whether they’re hanging from the rafters of your Airbnb, adorning your dining tables, or bobbing in the pool, blooms add a special touch. Also, wearable floral accessories like boutonnieres and flower crowns can inject fun and energy into your bachelor or bachelorette soiree.


Your rehearsal dinner, typically the start of your wedding weekend celebrations, is the perfect occasion for fresh flowers. Decorate the tables with chic floral arrangements to preview the elegance of your wedding day.

Post-Wedding Brunches

Carry the euphoria of your wedding day into the post-wedding brunch with lively floral arrangements. With the celebratory vibe still in the air among you and your guests, these blooms will make every moment even more memorable.


Add magic to your honeymoon sanctuary with the flowers, whether it’s petals scattered over the bed or a charming bouquet greeting you. It’s these small, loving details that magnify the beauty of your first days as a married couple, making each moment feel like a fairy tale.

Vow Renewals

Surround yourselves with classic floral decor when renewing your vows, creating an ambiance that amplifies the resilience of your love. It’s a wonderful way to honor your time together, making the day as sweet as the romance you share.

Flower arrangements and place settings on indoor wedding table

Infuse every part of your wedding with flowers that make each moment pop, creating picture-perfect memories filled with color, love, and happiness. A day wrapped in joy, romance, and the rich hues of beautiful florals is sure to be unforgettable, so get in touch with us at Rose Hill Weddings to make your dream day a reality.

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