How to Design Your Speakeasy-Themed Wedding

Transport yourself back to the roaring 1920s, an era of ladies in flapper dresses and dapper-dressed gents, where clandestine speakeasies thrived in the midst of Prohibition. These hidden venues had a stylish and sultry vibe and undeniable Gatsby energy, complete with dim lighting, vibrant colors, and an air of mystery — and we absolutely love it. Even though the ban on libations is a thing of the distant past, you can still infuse your wedding day with that same swanky charm. Join us at Rose Hill Weddings in Nashville, Tennessee, where we’ll whisk you away through a secret door, go down the stairs, and step into a dazzling party brimming with jazz music, bougie cocktails, vintage fashion, refined floral designs, and effortlessly chic decor.

Create a speakeasy vibe with floral arrangements with feather accents

During the Prohibition, feathers were a common sight in Art Deco style and fashion. Capture the essence of this era by putting feathers into your floral arrangements at your speakeasy wedding. Whether it’s accenting cascading bouquets with ostrich feathers, adding iridescence with peacock feathers, or emphasizing fluffiness with marabou feathers, these additions bring movement and vibrant color to your design. The soft, flowing feathers against the backdrop of flowers creates a sophisticated interplay of textures, giving props to to the carefree spirit of the Jazz Age.

Art deco flower arrangement

Wear vintage or vintage-inspired dresses and outfits

Vintage-inspired dresses blend elements from various eras, seamlessly combining different silhouettes and style trends from the past, a fusion we can get behind. This flexibility allows you to craft a look that captures the energy of speakeasy fashion while infusing it with modern influences and your individual flair. Picture the intricate beadwork of a ’20s flapper gown melding with contemporary styles and hemlines, tailored to suit the tastes of a modern bride like you. With your speakeasy-inspired gown — adorned with personally selected elements such as modern fabrics, custom embroidery work, and trendy embellishments like bow details — you’ll glow with radiant energy on your special day.

Women buttoning bride into her dress

Accent with elegant flower decorations for the bar and dining tables

Flower arrangements are the main focal point in any wedding venue, instantly drawing your eye and leveling up the ambiance. When planning your speakeasy wedding, ensure that your floral decor harmonizes with the sophisticated energy of the era, from timeless roses to elegant pink anthuriums that reflect your individual vibe. Incorporating florals into your decor complements other old school aspects of the speakeasy theme as well, such as candlelight, classic glassware, and vintage-inspired tablescapes. Everything together creates a perfectly nostalgic homage to the Roaring 20s, which we’re obsessed with.

Elegant flowers on table with candelabras

Have plenty of comfy seating accented with flowers

While lively dancing filled speakeasies, providing a cozy spot for guests to unwind and have quiet conversations was a must. Sinking into sumptuous seating surrounded by pretty florals also lets guests chill out and recharge in between dances. These spaces are where friendships formed and budding romances began, which is the energy you’re looking to build here. When reimagining these lounges for your wedding, don’t forget that fresh flowers play a major role in giving the space a glow-up. Whether you choose roses, hydrangeas, or peonies, each bloom adds fragrance and beauty, enticing guests to savor the moment a little longer.

Blue velvet sofa with elegant floral accents

Decorate cakes in with art deco accents

Leaning into Art Deco design for your wedding cake nails the spirit of the speakeasy era, so your dessert will match the vibe of your celebration. Ask your baker to zhuzh up your cake with sharp lines, intricate patterns, and shapes inspired by the architectural and design trends of the era. Or, go for minimalist, circular tiers and round out the presentation with luxe gold accents, flickering candles, and lush greenery. For added sophistication, accent the cake with large, fresh roses, adding a floral energy that goes nicely with the art deco ambiance.

Art deco cake with candles and greenery

Decorate antique cars with flower arrangements

Exit your ceremony in true vintage fashion in a car adorned with bespoke floral designs; antique vehicles are right on point with the energy of the 1920s. Adding fresh blooms is a poignant nod to the luxe celebrations of the era, where every detail was meant to be bougie — a fitting choice for your wedding day! Make sure the blooms on the cars coordinate with the wedding party floral, creating a unified look. This makes your departure from the ceremony a super memorable exit that’s just a little bit extra.

Vintage car decorated with floral

Elevate your speakeasy wedding floral designs and decor to new heights with the help pf our team at Rose Hill Weddings. We’ll ensure that every detail is taken care of, setting the stage for a Gatsby-inspired celebration that will whisk you and your guests back to the vibrant jazz age.

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