Freshen Up Your Wedding with Green Plants

Using fresh greenery in your wedding decor makes your venue look stunning and connects you with the natural world during your special day. The textures and shades of green plants bring a sense of freshness and calm to the atmosphere of the event that we adore. Beyond their organic elegance, you and your guests can enjoy the health benefits of being surrounded by living plants. Moreover, they symbolize the growth of your romance and your shared journey through life, which is so sweet. At Rose Hill Weddings in Nashville, Tennessee, we offer an abundance of greenery and fresh, living plants to add natural elegance to your wedding.

Install Arch Decorations with Plants and Bright Greenery

Wedding arches are a great way to bring grandeur to your ceremony decor, serving as a sophisticated focal point in your venue. Adorn them with lush greenery and fresh plants, being as generous as possible for a full look. Let cascading garlands of eucalyptus, ferns, or ivy drape from the arch, creating a textured and natural aesthetic that’s so gorgeous. You can also incorporate seasonal variations that match the time of year. For evening ceremonies, add warmth by weaving fairy lights into the greenery, creating a romantic glow. The interplay of shadow and light on the leaves plus the vibrant colors create a picture-perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Round wedding arch with greenery

Incorporate Lush Greenery Into Wedding Party Bouquets

Succulents and greenery elevate your wedding party bouquets; they can be statement blooms that add dramatic visual interest. The dynamic blend of different greenery like eucalyptus, ruscus, dusty miller, and more creates a charming freshly-picked-from-the-meadow energy that’s right on-trend. Alternatively, you can create a striking textural contrast by pairing succulents with delicate baby’s breath. These botanical elements seamlessly complement various wedding styles, whether it’s the cozy appeal of rustic or bohemian, the elegant simplicity of minimalistic, or the clean lines of modern.

Bride holding bouquet with lots of greenery

Create Bountiful Centerpieces and Table Runners With Potted Plants

Transform your reception tables into lush and natural displays by incorporating centerpieces and table runners made with fresh greens and potted plants. You’ll find a plant to match every style of wedding, whether it’s petite succulents, elegant Nephtytis plants, or cascading philodendrons that evoke the spirit of Tulum, our favorite vacation spot. With an array of shapes and sizes available, you can handpick options that perfectly complement your tablescape. Extend the natural theme throughout the entire venue by strategically placing large potted plants at the entrance, in dance floor corners, and near the bar. This approach ensures that the entire space has a fresh and harmonious ambiance.

Wedding reception tables with greenery

Decorate Cakes with Fresh Green Accents

Using fresh elements such as succulents and other greenery creates a beautiful contrast with your wedding desserts. Succulents, especially, add natural shades that complements the rich colors of cakes and desserts. These robust plants, with their unique rosette shapes and muted hues, add texture, height, and organic vibes. Place them on top of cakes or let them cascade down the the tiers for added flair if you’re a tiny bit extra. Decorating sweet treats with fresh greenery seamlessly ties your wedding desserts into the overarching energy of a celebration inspired by nature.

White tiered wedding cake with succulents

Give Green Plants as Wedding Favors For Guests

After the celebrations end, presenting green plants as party favors offers your guests a keepsake they can care for, much like you will nurture your marriage for years to come. There are a multitude of options available to align with your wedding theme or the current season if that’s your thing. This choice also aligns nicely with sustainable wedding trends. Unlike conventional favors that might be consumed or overlooked, plants offer a tangible reminder that guests can enjoy. Each time they tend to it, they’ll recollect your big day.

Wedding favor succulents on windowsill

Rose Hill Weddings offers a wealth of graceful greenery and plants that can infuse your wedding venue with natural beauty and fresh organic elements. Our experts can create an atmosphere that resonates with the love and joy of your celebration. We know you will love it.Plant a fresh take on wedding decor