5 Great Ways to Include Plants In Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, we often seek to include something with a twist- a fresh idea, a unique design or a one-of-a-kind look. While we would never suggest that you completely do away with cut flowers for your wedding day, we do think that one way to create a unique vibe is by including plants in your decor. Potted plants, small potted trees, succulents, herbs and anything other greenery will add texture, surprise and life to any wedding. The experts at Rose Hill Weddings believe that whether your a modern minimalist or a chic bohemian, you’ll love the look of plants at your wedding. Here are some great ways to include these lush life-giving designs at your upcoming wedding. 

Potted Plants or Trees Along Aisles At the end of each row of chairs, pews, or benches, cluster a few pots of varied size. Include succulents, herbs, or even small trees (think olive or bonsai, depending on your preference). Ribbons or entwined fairy lights will give these groupings a mystic glow.

Vines On A Trellis or Frame A vine-covered trellis will make a romantic backdrop for your wedding vows. Likewise, the wispy look of vines hanging from the bridal bouquet will take your breath away. 

Succulents As Favors Send guests home with a favor they will keep! Succulents in differing shapes and sizes will be a hit. Bonus: even your horticulturally-challenged friends will find these charmers easy to care for.

Herbs/Cacti As Centerpieces Let your reception be full of life when you place groups of fresh-smelling herbs as centerpieces. For more of a rustic look, choose eclectic groupings of cacti in clay pots. 

Hanging Plants Imagine gorgeous plants surrounding you on all sides- even from above! That enchanting garden vibe will be yours when you include hanging plants at your ceremony and reception. 

Including lush, green plants throughout your wedding decor is a brilliant way to share your love of life, symbolize your growing love for one another and bring a fresh, unique look to your special day. Let the designers at Rose Hill Weddings help you choose the perfect plant designs for your perfect moment.