The Best Ways to Bring Pantone’s “Peach Fuzz” Shade Into Your Wedding

Pantone assembles a global team of experts each year to explore the world through the lens of color. They examine how it influences various aspects of our lives, from fashion and cinema to social and political events. The Pantone Color of the Year resonates with many people and highlights significant emotional trends.

In 2024, Pantone unveiled “peach fuzz” as the Color of the Year, infusing wedding designs with a vibrant and warm energy. This hue, similar to a sun-kissed peach, sets the stage for an inviting and romantic ambiance. It offers a fresh take on traditional wedding décor, from floral arrangements and table settings to fashion and desserts. Whether you envision an elegant soirée or a whimsical garden party, “peach fuzz” adds a touch of tenderness and joy. Discover how Rose Hill Weddings‘ experts can help you create a special occasion that radiates the serene glow of a stunning sunset.

Why “Peach Fuzz”?

“Peach fuzz” embodies warmth, nurturing, and comfort, making it a versatile addition to almost every wedding color palette. It helps create an inviting and intimate environment, symbolizing tenderness and kindness with its soft and heartfelt energy. This hue beautifully reflects the deep bond of marriage. Peach also strikes a harmonious balance between contemporary charm and vintage vibes, making it adaptable for various wedding seasons, themes, and styles. It captures the essence of togetherness and community, integral to weddings where friends and family gather together to celebrate the new union. Its adaptability and emotional depth make it a perfect choice for newlyweds aiming for a poetic, meaningful, airy, sophisticated, serene, and sweet ambiance.

Peach flowers close-up

Peachy Color Palettes

Peaches and Cream

The pairing of “peach fuzz” and blush pink is a classic choice for weddings any time of the year. When complemented by creamy white blossoms and elevated greenery, it infuses an enduring sense of sophistication into the venue, achieving a look as everlasting as love.

Peach-forward wedding bouquet

Pops of Purples

Give your spring or summer wedding an extra dose of vibrancy with a splash of color. Mixing vivid purple blooms with soft hues like pink and “peach fuzz” is a fantastic way to introduce opulence and energy into your celebration.

Wedding table set with peach and purple linens

Warm Oranges and Reds

Dive into the warm energy of “peach fuzz” by integrating a variety of fiery reds and vibrant oranges. This color scheme is an excellent choice for a fall wedding, mirroring the season’s lively, rich, and passionate character.

Wedding arch with peach and red flowers

Favorite Peach Wedding Flowers

Deciding on a color palette is only part of the process. When searching for seasonal flowers that blossom in “peach fuzz” tones, classic blooms like free spirit and kahala roses are a great place to start. You can also include other popular wedding flowers such as gerbera daisies, ranunculus, lisianthus, calla lilies, dahlias, and stock flowers. To enhance your arrangements with lovely “peach fuzz” accents, add elements like hypericum berries and pampas grass.

Peach roses set on the left side of image

Desserts, Decor, & More

Apart from flowers, integrating “peach fuzz” into the details of your wedding can impart a fresh, warm, refined, and personal feel to your event. You can include this subtle touch of personality in various ways, from the frosting on the cake and the shades of macarons to your choice of table linens and even coordinating peach shoes with your sweetie.

Peach colored wedding dessert spread

Reach out to the professionals at Rose Hill Weddings to find the perfect peachy floral arrangements and décor for your big day.

A pop of peach fuzz