Going Above and Beyond with Marriage Proposals

You only have one opportunity to propose to the love of your life, making it essential to orchestrate a remarkable proposal that goes above and beyond. Make the moment perfect by incorporating fresh flowers to add vibrancy, sophistication, and beauty to the venue. Whether you’re arranging a surprise outdoor proposal or a romantic indoor proposal for just you and your love, flowers make it magical. At Rose Hill Weddings, the leading florist in Nashville, Tennessee, we have all you need to make your proposal unforgettable and ensure your partner says “yes!”

Heart shaped floral arches

Make Public Proposals Perfect with Heart-Shaped Floral Arches

Arrange for a grand, heart-shaped floral arch adorned with their favorite flowers and stage it at a rooftop, beach, or another meaningful spot. Create a romantic pathway with single stems or scattered flower petals leading to your chosen location. When you both reach the centerpiece, present your partner with a luxurious bouquet of flowers that harmonizes with the arch, like roses paired with sunflowers. Complete the magical moment by going down on your knee with a ring that celebrates their unique charm.

Marry Me sign with flowers and balloons

Have a Lavish Proposal Inside a Flower-Filled Room

Transform a hotel room into a floral wonderland for a surprise proposal during your destination getaway. You can opt for the grand entrance, surprising your partner with the sight of the room filled with flowers as soon as you open the door. Alternatively, make it a fun journey by arranging a scavenger hunt that starts with single blossoms, progresses to bouquets, and concludes with the bloom-filled room. Lead your loved one to the center of the setting, where the engagement ring will be nestled among the blossoms, and ask that special question. It’s a combination of luxury and intimacy that’s hard to beat.

Couple by red hot air balloon

Plan a Simple Proposal That Stuns in Extraordinary Locations

Turn ordinary proposals into unforgettable moments by choosing an exotic destination or fulfilling a bucket list activity. Elevate boat proposals with elegant touches like vases filled with single stems and decorative garlands on the railings. As you go down on one knee, present your partner with their favorite flower before unveiling the engagement ring. Alternatively, consider a hot air balloon adventure, complete with wearable flowers such as corsages, boutonnieres, and flower crowns. High in the sky, amid breathtaking scenery, seize the moment to pop the question. And don’t forget to capture a post-engagement selfie so the world can share in your joy.

Roses and an engagement ring on table with drinks

Create a Cute Proposal That Honors Their Favorite Films and Themes

Create a proposal inspired by their favorite movie, making it a memorable and romantic moment. To add beauty and freshness, decorate the chosen venue – whether it’s a public place like an airport or a private spot like a serene field – with their favorite blooms. Alternatively, you can opt for a cozy proposal at home, incorporating elements from their favorite theme. Set the scene with candles, flower petals, and a toast of their preferred bubbly beverage. This intimate setting allows you to ask the most important question in a place that holds special meaning for both of you: your home.

Couple with fireworks in background

Let the Event Be the Backdrop for Romantic Proposals

If your partner loves being in the spotlight, consider proposing at lantern festival outdoors or during a big fireworks display. These public settings create a dramatic backdrop with vibrant colors and dazzling lights. Hiring a skilled photographer is essential to capture this special moment, given the unique lighting conditions. When the time is perfect, present them with a grand bouquet of flowers, creating a picturesque Instagram-worthy moment. Then, ask for their “yes!”

The team at Rose Hill Weddings is here to turn your lavish proposal dreams into reality, thanks to the magic of stunning flowers. Express your love for your sweetie with our floral arrangements that transform any setting into a place of beauty, romance, and color.

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