How to Host a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Wedding

When planning wedding celebrations, many couples today are thinking green. Some are wondering how to be more eco-friendly, and others are looking for sustainable flowers to use in their decor. At Rose Hill Weddings, the top florist in Nashville, Tennessee, we have the inside scoop on planning an earth-friendly wedding that’s as beautiful as it is kind to Mother Nature. We’ll show you how to reduce waste, repurpose decorations, and keep the green vibes going long after the celebration ends.

Woman holding green and white bridal bouquet

Sustainable Flower Designs

The journey to eco-friendly nuptials starts with the flowers you choose for your special day. The best green blooms are sourced locally from a responsible florist. Your local flower shop should know how to minimize waste by using just the right amount of materials for your floral arrangements and bouquets. As a conscious consumer, research materials and explore options like compostable, recycled, or compostable items for your wedding flowers. Have a chat with your florist about beautiful, eco-conscious designs.

Wedding flowers in vases by table

Recycle Your Flower Vases

Let your wedding centerpieces and arrangements reflect the spirit of sustainability. Select second-hand containers for your flower arrangements, and picture them finding a new purpose as home decorations once the wedding is over. If your space is fully furnished or has a distinct style, consider renting vases that can bring joy to future celebrations, creating a cycle of reuse and joy.

Lanterns, crates, and trunk as wedding decor

Get Thrifty with Decor

Dive into vintage wedding decor by borrowing, renting, or thrifting everything you need. This reduces the use of new materials and brings a sense of nostalgia and individuality to your wedding decor, ensuring it’s as one-of-a-kind as you are. Rescue these unique pieces from post-celebration disposal and give them a new home where they’ll be treasured.

Bride and groom confetti toss

Toss Petals in Celebration

As you begin a new chapter alongside your partner, with your loved ones cheering you on, consider replacing conventional confetti, artificial bubbles, or rice with dried flower petals – Mother Earth’s natural confetti. If you want to be even more eco-conscious, provide ribbons for your wedding guests to wave around as you depart from your ceremony or reception; they will fill the air with vibrant colors and happiness.

White flowers and lantern with curtain on arch

Opt for a Floral Arch

Make a fairy-tale entrance that’s colorful, fresh, and kind to the environment. If you have your heart set on a dramatic archway or a romantic backdrop for your sweetheart table or ceremony, trade balloon arches for options made of flowers and greenery-filled backdrops. These grand floral arrangements are beautiful and a greener and more eco-conscious decor option.

Woman's hands doing floral crafts

Make a Donation or Create Art

After the festivities, let your wedding flowers continue spreading joy. Donate arrangements that are still vibrant to local nursing homes, nearby hospitals, or other neighborhood spots that would appreciate the cheer. And for flowers beginning to fade, take them home and turn them into pressed floral art, crafting a timeless keepsake to treasure.

While you create your happily ever after, let the natural world’s harmonious energy inspire you. The team at Rose Hill Weddings is ready to assist you in designing a wedding that’s not just a celebration of your love but also a tribute to Mother Nature.

Earth-Friendly Tips for Wedding Flowers and Decor