Corporate Holiday Events and Parties: Tips For Celebrating with Your Team

Hosting Christmas festivities or holiday parties is an excellent way to show appreciation to your employees, connect with colleagues, and enjoy the most joyful time of the year with one another. At Rose Hill Weddings, the top florist in Nashville, Tennessee, we have decades of experience in making work parties cheerful and bright for companies of all sizes. We excel at creating a jolly atmosphere that invites the holiday spirit, no matter where you’re celebrating. Here are some gift ideas, planned activities, and decorating tips that’ll make your party super fun for everyone without spending a ton.

Table set for holiday dinner

Festive Tablescapes and Decor with Fresh Flowers

When you’re hosting a fancy dinner or party, making the place feel warm and festive as soon as guests arrive is key. Pick flowers that go with the holiday vibe, like seasonally-appropriate blossoms dressed in holiday tones. Red and white roses, amaryllis, lilies, and gerbera daisies, along with springs of winter greenery like pine, are popular choices. Festive floral centerpieces, fresh flowers hung on Christmas trees, and festive winter wreaths are perfect ways to decorate the whole space.

Cake decorated for holiday

Decorating the Dessert Table with Fresh Festive Flowers

Adding bits of nature to your dessert display makes it look especially sophisticated; using flowers that embody the season in bright colors helps get everyone in a festive mood. Put fresh flowers on cakes, use woodsy containers for candies, add in some seasonal green plants, and light up holiday candles to make the dessert table look fun and merry.

Break room decorated for holiday

Elevate the Breakroom with Holiday Cheer

When you’re throwing a company party at the office, turning the regular breakroom into a holiday escape can make a big difference in bringing in that festive feeling – and you don’t need a bunch of money to make it happen. Put up decorations that match the season and mix in some fresh plants and flowers that fit the vibe and make everyone merry. Having a fresh Christmas tree with natural decorations and even some flowers is always a great idea.

Presents wrapped in natural wrapping

Accent Gift Wrapping with Natural Accents

Adding a special touch to gift wrapping is a timeless part of the holiday fun, and it’s easy to make it extra special. Use string, twine, or ribbon to tie fresh flowers, pinecones, leaves, garlands, cinnamon sticks, and twigs on top of gifts for colleagues, bosses, or employees. Bear sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind, allowing the natural elements to stand out.

Hands making wreath at table

Floral or Wreath Design Classes the Whole Office Will Enjoy

Planning exciting and joyful activities like holiday-themed workshops invites cheer and allows employees to connect, making traditions and rituals that everyone loves and waits for each year. You can bring in a professional florist to teach hands-on flower arranging or wreath decorating at the office. Or visit a local florist to make holiday flower centerpieces for everyone’s dinner tables. And remember, it’s vital to have drinks that fit the season, both for those who want cocktails and those who don’t.

Poinsettia and present on table

Poinsettias: Gifts for Employees, Bosses, or as Festive Centerpieces

Poinsettias are holiday plant mainstays, with their vibrant red leaves and long-lasting bloom span. Show your appreciation by giving poinsettia plants to your team, colleagues, and bosses. Poinsettias also make classy centerpieces for important work holiday dinners and other celebratory events. Plus, they’re great for adding a touch of holiday freshness around the office.

Count on the pros at Rose Hill Weddings to create lively, unforgettable corporate holiday events that bring a smile to everyone in the office.

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