Dopamine Decorating: Go All Out On Your Wedding Day

Imagine a burst of vibrant colors enveloping you in warmth. Think of textures and patterns that whisk you back to your childhood. Picture objects that hold deep meaning and bring you joy. And did you know that flowers, according to science, have the power to uplift your mood? Welcome to dopamine decorating, a trend that started with dopamine dressing in the fashion industry that found its way into weddings. This aesthetic, linked to biophilic design, embraces the natural world; it’s the perfect canvas for incorporating striking flower arrangements that generate happiness. For your wedding desires, rely on the expertise of Rose Hill Weddings, the top florist in Nashville, Tennessee. We’ll help you create an atmosphere that’s both extravagant and sustainable, with a touch of elegance.

Flowers hanging from ceiling

Turn Your Venue into a Flower-Filled Garden

Let your brain soak up dopamine as you and your guests enjoy gathering in a garden of blooms. Elevate your event with floral displays that cascade from the ceiling, hanging over the dining area, dance floor, or ceremony space. To complete the aesthetic, decorate your tables with flower-filled centerpieces, add dramatic floor arrangements, and pop in floral touches wherever they fit the venue. Think big and bold with blooms like gerbera daisies, ranunculus, and peonies – they’re the stars that’ll make your event shine the brightest.

Bride and groom wearing orange with flowers

Let Dopamine Dressing Inspire Your Fashion Choices

Wedding attire has deep roots in tradition, but you can shake things up at your own nuptials. Whether you’re the officiant, the couple tying the knot, or part of the wedding crew, don’t shy away from wearing bright and joyful colors. If you’re into a more subtle look, you can still use bold shades as accents. Think flower pieces and accessories – like corsages, flower crowns, and boutonnieres – as they’ll add a pop of color that works great with the softer tones that dominate most muted outfits.

Mean wearing colorful boutonniere

Add Floral Accessories to Wedding Outfits

Flower accessories have the ability to make us smile, making them a natural choice for your dopamine decor-style wedding. Picture floral leis and lapel pieces for the groom and his crew, and imagine vibrant flower crowns for the bridesmaids. For the bride, graceful floral hairpieces are the perfect accessories. As for specific blossoms, go for orchids, protea, dahlias, and anthuriums. These blooms come in colors that radiate happiness, boosting everyone’s mood.

Flowers on set wedding table

Bring Treasured Vases for the Florist to Fill 

Vases are excellent pieces in the world of floral dopamine decor. They can be objects you love that make you smile, which is what this style is all about. They also can promote sustainability; you can rent them and use them again or keep them as home decor. Each vase has its own story and can be the perfect centerpiece, vessel for floral accents, or container for fancy floor arrangements. They amp up the decor with a personal touch sure to promote happiness.

Cake decorated with flowers

Cover the Cake in Your Favorite Childhood Blooms

Remember the flowers you loved as a child? They can look stunning on wedding cakes, adding to the joy you experience when you enjoy this classic confection. Imagine big, colorful blooms gently flowing down the layers, a surefire way to trigger dopamine. As for specific blooms, roses are always a wise choice; their lush, round blossoms are beloved and appreciated by all.

Crowd throwing confetti at newlyweds

Use Colorful Flower Blossoms and Petals as Confetti 

Swap out rice or confetti for bursts of colorful flowers and petals during your ceremony exit. It’s the perfect way to celebrate as you take your first steps into your “happily ever after.” This nature-inspired twist adds a special touch to the celebration. Plus, the photos will be cheerful and kinetic, freezing the joy forever.

Ready to make your wedding the happiest it can be? Let Rose Hill Weddings work our magic on your big day.

Flowers for a dopamine rush wedding