Design and Decor Ideas for Your Annual Holiday Open House

When preparing for an open house, whether for a holiday tour, an annual sale, or a fun weekend event, it’s essential to include fresh seasonal flowers. Like using floral arrangements to enhance the ambiance at a wedding or a special gathering, decorating business with winter flowers and natural accents is a must. These flowers not only add vibrant colors and a cozy holiday atmosphere but also attract and engage visitors, enticing them to visit, appreciate, and maybe make a purchase. At Rose Hill Weddings in Nashville, Tennessee, we’re excited to offer creative floral design suggestions to elevate your upcoming winter open house.

Entry of open house with greenery

Make Your Signage Pop for People on the Street

Enhancing your signage is a savvy method for attracting more visitors. Whether it’s your store’s main sign, the glowing “open” sign, or a board announcing your upcoming open house, ample opportunities exist to infuse some winter charm. Use lush garlands, red holly berries, or other seasonal foliage to frame these signs, ensuring they catch the eye and entice folks to step inside.

Greenery and lights on storefront

Enhance Curb Appeal to Invite Guests In

You can attract passersby and window shoppers with stunning outdoor floral designs. Make these flower displays bountiful and attractive, prompting people to pause and take in their beauty. Consider using vivid poinsettias or festive planters on both sides of your door to brighten up the entrance, or opt for grand flower installations paired with twinkling lights to grab the attention of all who pass.

Holiday accents with bulbs and greenery

Deck the Halls with Accents That Bloom

Once your guests enter, it’s essential to envelop them in a warm and welcoming environment that makes them inclined to linger for a while. Decorate your holiday open house with touches inspired by the season of merriment and jolliness, such as festive garlands, bells, ornaments, and ribbons that accentuate the beauty of winter flowers. To complete the festive ambiance, play some soft seasonal tunes.

woman shopping in store decorated for Christmas

Highlight In-Store Items and Spruce Up the Showroom

Harness the power of flowers to lead your customers and guests to specific areas within your establishment. Embrace your artistic side by crafting arrangements that highlight new merchandise, promotions, and in-store products. Select fresh blooms and bouquets seamlessly blending with your business’s color scheme. Consider pairing jewel tones with gleaming winter whites, or use classic poinsettias to accentuate warm and inviting gifts.

Red, white, and green holiday decor on mantel

Bring Joy to the Overall Guest Experience

Beyond the appeal of colorful blooms, incorporating them into your open house decor elevates your business with holiday spirit and seasonal delight. Fresh flowers and plants are recognized for uplifting moods and spreading happiness, among other health benefits. As guests unwind and savor your event’s pleasant atmosphere, whether admiring the beautiful blooms or basking in the festive ambiance, they’ll associate your business with these positive feelings going forward. Curating enjoyable experiences is a fun and smart way to turn open house attendees into repeat customers.

Work with the event professionals at Rose Hill Weddings to ensure your winter open house is an event to remember for years to come.

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