Winter Formals & Festive New Year’s Eve Events: Your Guide to Fashion & Flowers

Step into the winter season’s grandest gatherings with style and elegance! Winter formals, which typically occur in December or January, demand a touch of refined sophistication that pairs perfectly with seasonal blooms. Similarly, some of the most upscale New Year’s Eve parties, set in opulent ballrooms and lavish venues, can also be classified as winter formals; they offer the perfect backdrop for showcasing an eye-catching corsage or boutonniere. From enchanting December galas to New Year’s Eve bashes, the experts at Rose Hill Weddings are ready to guide you in finding the most stylish floral accents to complement your formal attire, ensuring you become the star of the evening.

Man's suit with boutonniere

Winter Formal Attire for Men

If you’re a guy heading to a winter formal or a swanky New Year’s Eve bash, the classic choice is a suit paired with dress shoes. However, don’t shy away from choosing unique dress pants or a stylish button-down to showcase your personality. Whether you opt for ties and bowties or a trendy sweater or jacket, there are various directions to explore if a black suit isn’t your preference. Lastly, a boutonniere is the perfect final touch for your winter formal outfit. Although these petite floral accents are typically pinned to your lapel, if you plan to layer up against the cold, it’s best to put your boutonniere on at the event to ensure the flowers stay fresh.

Woman in formal attire with white and green corsage

Winter Formal Attire for Ladies

Ladies who enjoy donning glamorous gowns and cocktail attire have likely been eagerly anticipating their winter formal events and New Year’s Eve parties for quite some time. Despite the cold weather, you don’t need to sacrifice fashion to stay warm. Whether you prefer timeless pumps or stylish high-heeled boots, layer up with elegant long coats, capes, or shawls. Pair your shorter dresses with fashionable yet cozy tights. Adding a fresh winter corsage as an accessory is a fresh and festive way to complete your look. Just like the gentlemen, if you’ll be wearing an overcoat with fitted sleeves, it’s wise to wait until you’re indoors at the event before pinning on your corsage.

Woman in green dress with white corsage

Matching Flowers to Your Formal Outfit

Elevate your style for winter formals and New Year’s events by incorporating the right flowers into your ensemble. To make the best choice, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Start by selecting flowers in season to ensure they vibe with the event’s aesthetics. Then, consider how they will harmonize with your entire outfit, whether they’ll blend in or provide a striking complementary hue. Finally, don’t forget to add slight hints of matching shades to your corsage or boutonniere to create a beautifully coordinated color scheme.

White rose boutonniere with baby's breath on navy lapel

Dark & Moody

Rich red hues and sparkling, shimmering attire shine bright at Christmas and New Year’s Eve gatherings. To maintain an elegant look that complements the festive atmosphere, opt for understated, neutral-colored flowers as accessories. These blooms can add festive and seasonal magic without overshadowing your outfit. Timeless white flowers like anemones, roses, and orchids embody the essence of winter sophistication.

Man putting corsage on woman's wrist

Bright & Cheerful

When it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve soirées, ruby reds and shimmering sparkles steal the show. To harmonize your outfit with sophisticated flair, opt for smooth, neutral-colored blooms that add a sprinkle of seasonal magic without stealing your outfit’s thunder. Trust us, classic snowy white flowers are a dreamy choice. From enchanting white anemones to exquisite orchids and romantic roses, you’ll capture the essence of winter chic.

Man wearing green boutonniere on green suspenders

Winter Whites & Neutrals

When your canvas consists of neutral tones such as beige or white, it’s the ideal moment to let your flowers shine bright. While you have many color options, embracing a sense of winter luxury is vital. Picture sumptuous winter greenery adorned with rustic pinecone details. If you’re in the mood for festive color, think of deep, rich hues like burgundy ranunculus blooms or vibrant blue thistle.

Whether you need centerpieces, corsages, or a lovely bouquet for your special evening, Rose Hill Weddings has you covered to make your winter formal a memorable one.