Brilliant Ways to Save with Wedding Flowers

When you begin to plan your wedding, it doesn’t take long to realize your need for a wedding budget. Dream weddings can be expensive, but not if you plan ahead and get a little creative with your finances. While flowers can be one of the larger expenses in your wedding budget, they don’t have to be. With a little forethought, a little creativity and some strategic planning, you can stretch your wedding floral budget and still have gorgeous arrangements, bouquets and other floral designs that create the perfect look. The wedding professionals at Rose Hill Weddings specialize in floral design, so these expert tips are tried and true. 

Choose Inexpensive Varieties

Certain flowers are simply less expensive than others. Choose flowers that bring a lot of color, style and joy to your special day without blowing your budget. For example, daisies and sunflowers are just about the most cheerful flowers around. They also happen to be very reasonably priced, so you can include more of them throughout your ceremony and reception decor. Likewise, small blooms traditionally known as “filler flowers” are taking center-stage at on-trend weddings everywhere these days. Use baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s Lace or waxflower to create a floral wonderland for your special day. Build your day’s decor around these options and find yourself cutting corners in all the right ways. 

Choose Creative Style

Using inexpensive flowers in a creative way is another great option to save big with your wedding flower budget. Float full heads of chrysanthemums in glass bowls full of water, create monochromatic bouquets of carnations for a dramatic look, or place stalks of delphinium or gladiolus in the center of tables to add height as well as color. Another trendy way to reduce expenses is to create a minimalist look across your entire wedding. Small vases with individual flowers can replace centerpieces, and an open garland of greenery can be just as eye-catching as thick, lush strands of foliage. In fact, adding a lot of greenery to your decor, whether it’s hanging vines, leafy stalks or large tropical ti leaves can be a beautiful way to include plant life without overpaying for flowers.

Choose Your Timing

A great way to save money in general is to choose a strategic wedding date or location. For example, Christmas-time weddings mean churches, gardens, museums and other locations will already be decked out for the holidays, leaving less for you to contribute out of pocket. Outdoor settings like parks, botanical gardens or the beach offer so much natural beauty, you won’t need to include too many blooms to decorate. That means you can focus on carrying your favorite or most meaningful flowers down the aisle yourself! Finally, consider including non-floral pieces to highlight your special flowers, like fruit, candles or books as accent pieces. These will not only create a unique vibe, but they’ll also provide a cool backdrop to show off the flowers you do choose to include. 

Choosing the flowers for your wedding is one of the exciting elements to wedding planning and should be a joyful endeavor. Getting a little creative while staying flexible, along with a bit of planning ahead, can make a significant difference in your floral budget. For more great ways to save big with your wedding flowers, talk to the floral experts at Rose Hill Weddings. We have plenty of experience design flowers and other wedding decor on a budget and we’re here to help you create the day of your dreams!