Feel Like Royalty on Your Wedding Day

Almost every bride to be has dreamed for years about her wedding. In addition to her dress, her wedding bouquet will add that finishing touch. There are so many types and sizes of flowers to choose from. Each wedding bouquet can be created to make the bride feel like royalty on her very special day. Whether the bride chooses a traditional white arrangement or a bouquet with subtle colors, Rose Hill Weddings will be there to make sure that each bride becomes the princess she truly is on her wedding day.

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Size Matters

It would seem to make sense that royal wedding bouquets would often be larger than life as their human counterparts often are. However, the wedding bouquets chosen by future royalty for their own weddings often have several things in common, including a modest size. True elegance demands subtlety even at a wedding surrounded by nobility. Creating a bouquet that allows a bride to feel as though she is a princess is a true honor to us. Understated bouquets similar to the arrangements of royal weddings of the past and present will give a bride the chance to be a queen for her day.

Princess Charlene of Monaco Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

Pure White

A beautiful observation we made as we reviewed wedding bouquets was the overwhelming amount of pure white blooms included in royal weddings. This comes as no surprise since white flowers often stand for purity, innocence, and enduring love. These princesses know the symbolism portrayed in the flowers they choose will stand for more than just their own feelings on their wedding day- they represent everything this royal couple stands for as their nation’s leaders. They take their place in history from a stance of new beginnings and fresh optimism. In other words, when it comes to royal flowers, symbolism is everything. 

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Tradition Is On-Trend

Although some brides choose specific colors and types of flowers to stand out, wanting their bouquet to be as uncommon and creative as possible, a truly royal wedding is all about tradition. For decades, brides who would soon be nobility made insightful decisions when it came to the wedding bouquet, often choosing pale flowers with just a hint of color and opting for smaller bouquets in manageable sizes. Today’s bride can add elegance and nobility to her own wedding by recreating a royal bouquet while also adding a few details that showcase the bride’s creative style.

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Royalty and wedding simply seem to go together. Being a princess, even for a day, is a dream that so many women have. Rose Hill Weddings can help make that dream come true. We have a wide variety of flowers to choose from, including pure white, traditional flowers such as Lily of the Valley, roses, and hyacinths. Whether you want a commanding arrangement that everyone will notice or a small bouquet with a few cherished flowers, let us create a wedding bouquet that any princess would love!