How to Plan a Fabulous Wedding in a Pandemic

Fall is a fabulous time to consider having a wedding. Cooler temperatures and beautiful colors provide a quintessential backdrop for you to invite guests to share your celebration. This year couples have to put a little more thought into their wedding and receptions plans due to Covid-19. Rose Hill Weddings is glad to help you create your perfect reception while following protocols to ensure that you and your reception guests remain safe and healthy.

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How Big is Too Big for Your Venue?

The locale of the wedding and reception is often the first thing chosen after the happy couple has announced their engagement. In general, the first decision will be indoors or outdoors? This question may become even more important during the pandemic. An outdoor venue will provide fresh air and plenty of space for guests to safely social distance. However, even an outdoor wedding might have an indoor reception in a building or a tent set up on the lawn. Spacing tables and providing wide pathways for guests will help everyone stay safe. When choosing an all indoor locale, choose a large venue and consider having fewer guests at each table during the reception.

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Style Your Reception Accordingly

After choosing a venue, the couple will likely look at food service opportunities at the reception. Wedding buffets have long been popular, providing an excellent meal at a great value and flexibility for guests to choose their own meal. Buffets can still be a great option! Using plexiglass shields and providing servers to dish up the food can make a buffet a reasonable and safe choice. If couples choose a seated dinner, make sure to provide plenty of distance between tables, and allow for room between guests at each table. The option of a formal dinner works well during the pandemic because guests can remain seated with only a few servers moving among the tables.

Respect Your Guests With Safety Measures

Perhaps most importantly, each couple should consider what safety measures are required by your state, county, and local city. Are masks mandatory at gatherings with more than 10 people? How far apart should tables be placed in an indoor hall for the reception dinner? Should sanitizer stations be placed in several areas of the venue for guests? Such are the questions that you’ll face as you plan your wedding and reception during the era of Covid-19.

Planning a safe wedding reception is the goal of couples in the wake of Covid-19. By choosing a venue that is large enough or by limiting the guest lists, social distancing is possible. Whether you prefer a seated dinner or a more informal buffet meal, following safety protocols will allow guests to enjoy your reception. Finally, checking with your state guidelines and providing and encouraging the use of masks and hand sanitizer stations can ensure that all your guests remain healthy. Let Rose Hill Weddings show you the best way to have the wedding reception of your dreams.