Create the Perfect Fall or Winter Outdoor Wedding

The fall and winter seasons offer natural beauty that can showcase an outdoor wedding ceremony with ease. While an outdoor wedding venue might not seem to be the first choice for an autumn or winter wedding, exchanging vows outdoors during the fall and winter season with a backdrop of colorful, swirling leaves or ice-covered tree branches, brings a very romantic touch to your nuptials. If a destination wedding is in the works, a fall or winter wedding date works wonderfully at a venue with warm sea breezes or city nightlife. The designers at Rose Hill Weddings are experts in creating the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Timing Is Everything

Unpredictable weather and chilly temperatures can cause couples to hesitate on choosing an outdoor wedding venue for their fall or winter wedding ceremony. However, with amazing fall colors as a backdrop to your nuptials, an autumn wedding allows the beauty of nature, in all her glory, to welcome your guests with the hues of the season. A winter wedding, held outdoors on a brisk day with snow-capped trees or frost-covered grass lends a sense of romance to a beautiful wedding day.  Choosing the tine of your ceremony should be an important factor for a fall or winter ceremony in nature. Those who want a late afternoon or early evening ceremony should remember that the length of day shortens during the autumn and winter seasons. Consider starting your wedding no later than 4:00 to take advantage of daylight and possibly provide exquisite sunset views. As you plan your ceremony, alternative plans due to stormy weather or frigid temperatures should be formed. Romance is in the air as you celebrate your love in a fall or winter outdoor ceremony and reception.

Fantastic Fall Nuptials

Nature’s vivid colors make a fantastic background of reds, yellows, and oranges. Fall flowers such as marigolds, chrysanthemums, and even sunflowers captivate your guests in the autumn sunlight. Outdoor weddings in the autumn air have many advantages for couples planning a fall ceremony. Nature’s vivid colors make a fantastic background of reds, yellows, and oranges. Even if there is a nip in the air on your wedding day, you can provide blankets for each guest and have a pre-wedding cocktail hour serving warm drinks and coffee. With a bit of planning, your autumn outdoor wedding can be the picture of romantic love for you, your beloved, and your guests.

Outdoor Winter Wedding Possibilities

The winter season and outdoor weddings are not often synonymous terms. Frigid temperatures and blowing snow would seem to preclude any outdoor wedding plans. For some couples, winter provides that perfect background for a wedding.  Perhaps you are planning a holiday ceremony in which snow-covered trees and a wintry sun glinting off the ice would be the perfect backdrop for your outdoor wedding. Maybe you want a winter date and an outdoor venue, but you opt instead for a destination wedding in a warm location where bitter winds and ice are nowhere on the agenda.  Whether holiday-themed or a winter lover’s paradise, an outdoor winter ceremony, with provisions for the lower temperatures for guests, showcases the love between a couple as they exchange their vows. Winter can be the perfect time for an outdoor wedding.

Both fall and winter are captivating seasons to consider having an outdoor ceremony. Outdoor weddings have a sense of romance for many couples. Consider allowing Rose Hill Weddings to design an autumn or winter outdoor wedding that is a vision of your perfect wedding day. By choosing your date and the time of day of your nuptials carefully, and considering the location of your venue, and possible alternative plans, your outdoor ceremony will be all that you imagined it to be.