Plan Your Perfect Wedding: Where to Begin

Congratulations! You’ve just become engaged and are basking in the glow of being in love forever. Pretty soon you’ll be ready to start planning the magical day in which you both say “I Do,” and you’re going to want to be ready. If you’ve never been involved in planning a wedding, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why the experts at Rose Hill Weddings have compiled this outline to help you know where to start, what to prioritize, and what to include before the big day arrives.

Start Here

Once you’ve created a wedding budget and a basic timeline, you’ll want to choose your date and your venue. While being flexible is great for plenty of other wedding aspects, these two items will be your answer to all other vendors. Everyone- and we mean EVERYONE- will be asking which date and where to deliver or show up. Until you can answer those questions, you’ll have a difficult time booking a photographer, caterer, florist, DJ and anyone else that needs to bring their services to you. So, think about the when and where first, then go from there.

Some Things to Prioritize

The next group of priorities should include any wedding vendors that will need to be booked early. Caterers, photographers, DJs, florists and decorators often book months in advance, so securing these first will be a priority. Many take a down payment to hold the date, which becomes part of the final price. This is also a great time to make appointments for things you and your partner, along with the wedding party and close relatives, may need the week of the wedding. Take time off work and book your dress and tuxedo fittings, pick up the rings, make appointments for manicures and hair, and don’t forget to book a rehearsal dinner! By booking these key vendors and appointments right away, you will not only have several things crossed off your to-do list, you’ll also save yourself and your fiance a lot of panic and anxiety later when the wedding date approaches.

Things that Can Wait

Wedding Table Arrangement

While it’s smart to think about your menu, dessert and decorations early, these things can usually be booked closer to the actual wedding date. Clothing accessories can be bought within a month or two, as well, so hold off on anything but the dress until later. You can also postpone choosing wedding music, a reception playlist and fun reception details (like a photo booth or candy station) until closer to the date, as well. Remember that, with a little organization, everything will get done, and not everything can be accomplished on Day One. 

Designing the day of your dreams is exciting and should not be taken lightly. However, being flexible and open-minded makes for a much happier engagement overall. Work together with your fiance, ask for help from friends and family when needed, and make time to just enjoy one another throughout the process. Soon enough, you’ll be saying “I Do” and embarking on Happily Ever After. Let the wedding experts at Rose Hill Weddings know about your plans, or call us when you get stuck! We’re happy to help you with your wedding To-Do list so you can truly experience the wedding of your dreams.