How to Make a Small Wedding Spectacular

While traditional thought might bring to mind a long guest list with all the customary, yet surfacy, accouterments, a small wedding allows for more creativity, both financially and tactically. If you’re considering a wedding on a smaller side, here are some amazing benefits of having fewer guests and therefore fewer expenses, from the wedding experts at Rose Hill Weddings. So much more can be accomplished when you scale back…and that can be a very good thing, indeed. 

Unique Venues

A special location, destination or unique setting can be yours more easily when you opt for fewer guests at your wedding. A few friends, only the most immediate family members or just the two of you and an officiant can make a trip to a far-away location more easily than a large crowd. Some venues, like that willow tree in your favorite park or the gazebo behind your local library, are automatically dismissed as too confining, but with just a few guests in attendance, the setting could be just perfect. Destination weddings have been popular for a while now, but truly are best executed with a small ensemble of your closest friends and family.

Personalized Details

With a small wedding, the food you serve, the drinks you offer and the events you have planned all take on new meaning. Little extras like a mixology station where guests can make their own drinks, or a photo session with each individual guest will make your event memorable for everyone. Bring significant details into your day when you include your grandmother’s silver tea service at dessert or your father-in-law’s favorite version of an old-fashioned as the drink of the hour. The few close friends and family you have surrounding you will understand and appreciate the significance of these details and revel in them right along with you. 

More Elaborate Decor

Flowers hanging from ceiling

Hanging Flowers

When you choose to have a smaller wedding, more attention and wedding budget can be given to the decor. Get elaborate with your centerpieces, especially when you’ll only have a few. Include your favorite dessert, even if it’s macarons instead of cake. Choose your favorite flowers, even if they’re not in bloom, and cover your ceremony with them in your favorite colors. Floral installations, hanging plants and a mesmerizing garden of greenery can be created for the select few you’ve included at your ceremony and reception. Embrace the sense of moderation and simplicity and discover a whole different side of weddings that can make for a beautiful day. 

Having a small wedding does not have to feel like conceding the large, ominous wedding we’ve come to picture as the status quo. The choice to stay small is between you and your partner, and could truly make for a more magical day for both of you. Let the wedding professionals at Rose Hill Weddings open your mind to the world of options that become available to you when you choose to have a small wedding. Your satisfaction on your happiest day is our goal and we’ll do everything we can to create the perfect, unique day for you and your partner.