The Dos and Don’ts of Marriage Proposals

Proposing marriage to your soon-to-be-bride is a big deal, often involving a fair amount of planning, forethought, and creativity. It’s something you will both remember forever- a story you’ll tell friends, family, children, and grandchildren. As such, there are some essential points to bear in mind as you plan this moment for the two of you. If you’re feeling ready to take this next step in your relationship, congratulations! The wedding experts at Rose Hill Weddings are here to help you know how to make this a special memory- not just a grand gesture- that you’ll both revel in for years to come. 

Some Points to Think about Ahead of Time

The right place and the right time will make all the difference for you and your partner. If you wind up in a situation in which you feel rushed, you’ll be more concerned with your time table than basking in the romantic glow of your future together. Be sure to leave room for the two of you to swoon, cry and kiss a little. After all, you just made a huge, beautiful decision that will change your lives. Take time to let that soak in! The right location is key, as well. Choose a setting that fits your personalities, preferably someplace near and dear to both of you. Bonus points if the location is one you’re likely to return to over the years (imagine taking the grandchildren to the very spot where you proposed!). 

Do It Right

There are a few details to keep in mind as you prepare for the big moment. The ring, of course, is the center of everything and should be chosen-and given- with care. After you’ve selected the perfect ring you know she’ll love, consider a few of these options in how you’ll present the engagement ring to your intended. 

  • Do tie it on. Give her a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers or a small gift in which the ring is tied with a ribbon. She’ll love the unexpected discovery of something so precious.
  • Do send her searching. A scavenger hunt or some form of treasure hunt is a fun way to keep her guessing what you’re up to until she arrives at the prize- you with a ring!
  • Do string her along. Give her the end of a string and invite her to follow it as far as it goes…to the ring at the other end!
  • Do create a scene. Design a creative exhibit of favorite memories: ticket stubs, photos, vacation souvenirs, and special gifts. As she’s reliving all the special moments, make one more by getting down on one knee.
  • Do bring an audience. If she loves being center stage, she’ll love be surrounded by all of her friends and family for this special moment. If you are a more private couple, you might want to have a small gathering of loved ones waiting at a nearby location with champagne to celebrate afterwards. 

Please Just Don’t…

While it can be a lot of fun to plan your big moment, it’s easy to get caught up in the planning and miss some key points. With that in mind, we caution you here to avoid certain situations in which your proposal moment could go south too quickly:

  • Don’t hide the ring in her food. It’s been done in movies, so it’s not creative. They also didn’t show the part where the bride chokes on the ring instead of being wowed by it. Plus, who wants to give a ring with food stuck in it? 
  • Don’t hide the ring in her drink, either. The choking hazard is still very real in this scenario. While it seems like a romantic gesture, is it really worth the risk?
  • Don’t hide the ring, period. Unless you are absolutely certain she’ll be the one to find it, don’t hide the ring where it could get lost or stolen before she gets it.
  • Don’t rely on the weatherman. If your proposal plan takes you outdoors, check the weather ahead of time to be sure you have the all-clear. Then plan a backup, indoor venue anyway, just in case.
  • Don’t rely on other people at all! If your plan is contingent on someone else being in the right place at the right time, you’re running the risk of the whole thing going wrong. You don’t want to find yourself anxiously wondering if everyone is in place. Skip the drama and maintain control of the proposal plan yourself.



A wedding proposal is a very exciting event. You want to make it special and memorable, so take care in your planning to create a moment that both of you will love to tell about for years to come. Keep your personalities in mind (are you both reserved and quiet, or do you both love the spotlight and being surrounded by friends and family?). Practice your words carefully and plan all the details so your entire proposal goes off without a hitch. Remember to leave a little room for you and your new fiancee to revel in the bigness of your upcoming future together. For more tips and ideas, talk to the wedding professionals at Rose Hill Weddings. We look forward to hearing your proposal story and helping you plan your upcoming wedding!