Gorgeous Floral Decor for Your Wedding Aisle

Your wedding ceremony and the decor is one of the first things guests will notice when they arrive at your big day. Of course you want the stage set beautifully for your wedding. Gorgeous altar, neatly arranged seating, and beautiful flowers or plants are staples for making your walk down the aisle not only photogenic but memorable for yourself and guests alike. Since your ceremony’s setup and design will be the first scene your guests will encounter, it’s important to reflect the type and style of wedding you’re having from the start. Within that concept, there are literally thousands of ways to decorate your ceremony setting to express your unique personality. The wedding experts at Rose Hill Weddings have broken these ideas into basic categories for you to choose for yourself. What kind of wedding are you planning to have? What impression do you want to leave with your guests? It’s all here and will hopefully help you choose the perfect look for your perfect day. 

Traditional Bouquets

Often we see bundles of flowers, similar to the bride’s bouquet or those of the bridesmaids, attached to the ends of pews or chairs. These line the center aisle and make a beautiful passage for the bride as she floats towards her groom. Small versions of the bridal party’s bouquets are a great way to tie the space together and lend a sense of cohesiveness. You can also vary this concept with a little creative planning while keeping the traditional vibe alive. For instance, tie floral balls to the corners of chairs, or line the aisle with oversized bouquets that make a statement. Installations of hanging bouquets are another great way to line the aisle with gorgeous flowers creatively. 

Scattered Petals or Leaves

If your wedding won’t include a flower girl, you can still walk down the aisle atop a plethora of rose petals. Scatter them beforehand, either on the aisle itself or line each side of it with petals in your wedding colors. Bonus points for creating swirls or other amazing designs with the petals and multiple colors for guests to enjoy before your grand entrance. Likewise, if fresh leaves, palm fronds or garland would suit your wedding’s style and season better, these can also be used loosely to define your wedding aisle. Be sure your choice truly reflects your wedding vibe! 

Potted Plants

A great twist on an expected detail is to include beautiful potted bouquets or plants at the end of each aisle. Depending on the type of pot you use, you will accentuate the vibe you’re hoping to create for your wedding. Baby’s breath and candles tucked inside lanterns express a very different feel than robust urns with stately roses and hydrangea. Likewise, small, tight arrangements of fresh blooms in low containers will shift the focus to the altar and its activities for the day, merely providing a beautiful backdrop to the main event of the day- the wedding ceremony!

Succulents and Cacti

These fabulous little plants are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. Place succulents and cacti of all sizes in any particular container that goes with your wedding’s theme, place in asymmetric groupings along your aisle and voila! Instant modern style and tons of fresh, natural color. Whether you’re going for an earthy, natural vibe or a more formal look, these versatile plants are long-lasting and make great favors for guests to take home at the end of your special day, too!

Candles, Rugs, and other Items

If you’d like to include non-floral items in your decor, think about lining your aisle with candles, candelabras or other decorative pieces. Placing colorful Persian-style rugs along the aisle will give your wedding a comfortable, homey vibe that will make guests feel right at home. Add textiles, as well as hardware and flowers, can be a great way to combine visual elements and create rich texture throughout your wedding ceremony. 

Remember, no matter what you choose to include in your wedding decor, this is your day and is certain to be one of the fondest memories of your life. Be sure to make it your own, tie the look together for pictures and bring a beautiful touch of your unique personality and style to the day. How you decorate your wedding ceremony, particularly the aisle you walk down, will be forever preserved in photos and memories as the accent to your overall design. Make a statement and bring your look together with designs that show off your creative spirit. Talk to the wedding professionals at Rose Hill Weddings about your ideas and let us help you make them a reality on your special wedding day.