Creating a Magical Virtual Wedding

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we find the need to stay remote in our interactions, even with the friends and family members who are closest to us. One event in which we feel this most is a wedding ceremony and reception. While we want to include everyone we love, there are times when this simply isn’t possible. In that case, there are a few great ways to include these individuals even though you’re not able to be with them in person. The wedding professionals at Rose Hill Weddings have some excellent points to remember as you plan your remote virtual wedding. 

How to Stage Your Virtual Wedding

No matter where or how you choose to have your virtual wedding, be sure to test your technical devices well in advance. You’ll want to check that you have a strong internet connection, as well as the perfect lighting. Test all angles and see how you and your partner look in each scenario to find the ideal lighting (hint: natural light is considered best by all experts). If you have friends or family in differing time zones, be sure you’re clear about which time you’ll be having the wedding so those planning to attend will be on time in their area. Also, family members who tend to be technology-challenged might benefit from a few practice sessions to make sure they know how to use Zoom or Facebook Live, whichever platform you’ll be using. 

What to Include in Your Virtual Wedding

With a virtual wedding, there are certain aspects of a traditional wedding that can- and should- still be included. For example, you’ll still want to carry a bouquet and be surrounded by beautiful flowers. Since flowers tend to be symbolic and seasonal, they represent strong meaning and will help underscore the significance and importance of the day. Your wedding dress and your partner’s attire will be cemented in photos and videos from the day, so it’s definitely important to still wear that beautiful gown you’ve loved for so long. Feel free to decorate your space according to your wedding theme. Twinkling lights, a customized backdrop and plenty of fresh flowers will make a beautiful setting that shows off your style and sets the scene for your special moment. Don’t forget to include your photographer and videographer, not just for the Zoom or Facebook Live correspondence but also for preserving the moment digitally.

What to Exclude from Your Virtual Wedding

With a virtual wedding, several essentials for a traditional wedding can go by the wayside. For instance, you no longer have to think about serving food or having a DJ. You will probably opt out of having a wedding party, and you may think about downsizing your wedding cake to something big enough for just the two of you. While all of this may sound discouraging, focus on the money you’ll be saving! Also, consider planning a reception or celebration of similar capacities once you and your loved ones are able to come together again in the future. 

The perfect virtual wedding may not be the one you’ve dreamed of since childhood, but you can still have a beautiful, well-planned and memorable occasion that you, your partner and your loved ones remember for years to come. For more tips or ideas about creating the perfect virtual wedding, talk to the wedding experts at Rose Hill Weddings. We’re happy to walk you through the basics of planning a virtual wedding you’re sure to love and remember fondly.