Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding Sites: How to Decide

While there’s no wrong setting for a wedding, choosing the setting can be a tough decision. There are plenty of things to consider, and this just might be the point where you and your partner start finding out what your true preferences and priorities are. With so much to think about, the venue and setting can feel like a huge decision. That’s why the wedding experts at Rose Hill Weddings have put together a few pros and cons of indoor and outdoor weddings. No matter what space you choose, undoubtedly your wedding will be a gorgeous event to be remembered.

Outdoor wedding ceremony by the water and mountains

Outdoor- Pros

Outdoor weddings can be absolutely stunning. Nature surrounds you- usually on a beach, in a garden, or near a forest or field- to announce your happiness and commitment to the world. The beauty of outdoor weddings means very little decorating, plus beautiful natural lighting for your wedding photos. Wide-open spaces are also a premium reason to stay outdoors. Everyone can mix and mingle as comfortably as they wish, and even children have the space they need to run around and enjoy themselves. Plus, nothing can mimic an unbelievable sunset or gorgeous star-studded sky with milky moonlight for a romantic setting.

Rainy wedding day. Bride and groom sharing black umbrella.

Outdoor- Cons

While the setting may be gorgeous, there are definitely a few things to consider before heading off into the wilderness to get hitched. Weather, for one, can be a huge factor in an outdoor wedding. Have a backup plan ready and watch the local forecast for several days leading up to your event. Inclement weather, including rain, wind, snow, or extreme temperatures (heat or cold) can truly put a damper on the day and make you and your guests beyond uncomfortable. You might also want to think about the possibility of bugs or other local wildlife sneaking up to join the festivities. Plus, with an outdoor venue, you’ll need to invest a bit of your wedding budget in renting chairs, a trellis or altar, a dance floor, reception tables, and possibly generators so your vendors have enough power for their equipment.

Glamorous and elegant wedding reception with large chandeliers

Indoor- Pros

If staying indoors seems to be more your style, there are definitely some positives to focus on. The basic idea is that with an indoor venue, you’ll have more control over the outcome. Inside a church, country club, museum, or other event space, the decorations, sound system, and climate can all be determined and set ahead of time. For those seeking a way to bring everyone close together for an intimate setting, an indoor wedding and ceremony are the best way to go. Food and drinks can be catered easily, and all vendors will have plenty of access to electrical outlets.

Bride and groom dancing at wedding under confetti

Indoor- Cons

However, once you choose an indoor setting, you’ll find that you limit the number of guests you’re allowed to include. The walls don’t move, so space is what it is. And while you can create gorgeous backdrops for your photographer, they may still have a difficult time getting the right angle for each shot. If you’re hoping to have a lot of space for guests to circulate and spread out, this may not be the best option for you.

Ultimately, only you can decide what matters most to you and your partner when it comes to choosing a venue. Keep in mind that many couples mix and match their venues. They hold their wedding outside then move indoors for their reception or vice versa. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re happy with your decision and you’ll experience the most beautiful day possible. For more thoughts on the pros and cons of a specific venue you’re considering, talk to the wedding professionals at Rose Hill Weddings. We’re here to guide you through the process and help you create a beautiful event you’re proud to enjoy.