Seven Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

As you begin to plan your wedding, you very well may find yourself deciding whether to choose an indoor or outdoor venue. While there are plenty of pros and cons to each option, ultimately the choice is up to you. At Rose Hill Weddings, we’re happy to outline just some of the advantages of each option from a floral perspective. If one or more of these ideas resonates with you, that just might be the option for you!

Outdoor Floral Installations

Floral installations are an excellent addition to any outdoor wedding. These artistic structures can be a gorgeous focal point, a strategic border to define your outdoor space or a welcoming entrance for guests to enjoy. Floral installations, much like sculptures of art covered in flowers, can enhance your floral decisions with your bridal bouquet, plus they become an inventive backdrop for photo ops!

Outdoor Floral Arches

Most outdoor weddings are in need of an altar, but when you include a trellis or floral archway at the center point of your ceremony, those problems are solved. Guests will have a focal point and know where to address their attention, and a trellis or archway can be a perfect framework for floral decor. Add your wedding flowers or other greenery for a fresh, tailored look.

Outdoor Seating and Floral Decor

Unless your outdoor wedding ceremony will only be a few minutes, it’s wise to provide seating for your guests. Add your own unique flair to your chairs, benches, or other seating options with mini-bouquets to match the bridal party’s flowers. Attach a tropical ti leaf or fern to every other chair, or at the ends of each aisle to bring your entire setting together.

Outdoor Aisle Floral Borders

As will all space in an outdoor wedding, it’s up to you to define which spaces are used for what purposes. For your center aisle, define the walkway with flowers or plants that echo your theme. Pots of succulents in varying sizes, stately urns filled with abundant roses or peonies, or scattered petals that create artistic patterns will all make a statement while leading you straight down the aisle to your destiny.

Flower Wall

Flower Wall

Indoor Flower Walls

When hosting an indoor wedding ceremony or reception, you may feel limited by the four walls around you. But you can use these walls to showcase your style, with decorative details like a flower wall. Whether you choose to have your flower wall covered with blooms or lightly decorated with strings of flowers and greenery, a floral wall is a beautiful way to add color, style, and beauty to your indoor wedding.

Flowers hanging from ceiling

Hanging Flowers

Indoor Hanging Installations

While you don’t get the benefit of nature surrounding you at an indoor wedding, you can be sure your flowers and greenery are three-dimensional. Hanging floral pieces add a layer of whimsy and intrigue while offering an unexpected detail that guests will love. Have one giant creative design hanging in the center of the room, or place smaller pieces throughout the room for guests to enjoy everywhere they look.

Indoor Traditional Flowers

Of course, traditional wedding flowers are always in style. Beautiful centerpieces consisting of flowers similar to the bridal bouquet, floral designs donning the food and drink tables, the DJ’s stand, and the restrooms are all great ways to create continuity and give everything a more festive feel.

Whether you choose to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, you can style your special day however you like, and flowers are a great way to do this. Stay consistent with colors and varieties of flowers, then let your imagination take you wherever you like. For more great ideas about how to decide between indoor or outdoor weddings, talk to the wedding experts at Rose Hill Weddings. We’re here to help you make the best choices for your most beautiful day.