Inspiration for Your Wedding Proposal

wedding proposal
It’s finally time for the wedding proposal. Whether you hire a flash mob or go a more classic route, this day is one you will remember for years to come. While the extravagance – or lack of it – is not really the important part, planning a proposal that will be meaningful to your significant other is key. From the big question to the big day, Rose Hill Flowers will be with you every step of the way, providing beautiful florals that reflect your love and devotion.
Use the Season: December is the most popular month for proposals, so if you are planning to pop the question this month, you can use the decor all around you. Hang the ring from a red ribbon or place in a clear ornament, and place on the tree.  If there is snow on the ground, spell out “Will You Marry Me?” with red rose petals on her front yard.  If you are going to a party with a Santa Claus, have him pull the ring box out of his sack of presents.

wedding proposal

Use the Scenery: Here in Nashville, we have some pretty spectacular and iconic backdrops for a wedding proposal. The Opryland Hotel is a favorite, with beautifully manicured grounds and the popular Atrium. The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens are also a gorgeous setting, offering exotic flowers from around the world. Surrounding yourself with sparkling lights, waterfalls, or flora or is a surefire way to set the mood – but don’t forget a bouquet of flowers for your intended spouse!

Here’s a Tip! Make sure to hire a secret photographer to capture the moment for you. If the photographer doesn’t reveal themselves, the framed photos from the day will make a beautifully unexpected wedding gift.

Use Your Sense: If your bride-to-be (or husband-to-be) is shy, attention-averse, or not good with surprises – don’t try to pull off a public spectacle. Think about their personality, consult with friends and family, and ensure that the proposal is just right for them.

The wedding experts at Rebel Hill Florist have worked with many Nashville couples, from their engagement day to their wedding day. For all of your wedding flower needs, we are your hometown source. Call us today for a consultation, and let’s get to planning a beautiful proposal!