Using 2017 Pantone Colors in Your Wedding

Pantone Colors

The colors that you choose for your wedding day will set the tone for nearly every aspect of the event – the invitations, the bridesmaid dresses, the linens, the cake – and of course, the flowers! Each year, there are trending colors that seem to show up in every bridal magazine and on every Pinterest board. These colors are often inspired by the Pantone Color Institute’s annual list of the hottest shades, gleaned from the world’s most fashionable runways. Although the list includes the Top 10 Colors, one reigns as Color of the Year. In 2017, the winning color is Greenery (seen above)

If you are looking to incorporate any of these Pantone colors into your Nashville area wedding, be sure to contact Rose Hill Flowers. We will transform your favorite colors into gorgeous wedding flowers that will make a dramatic impression.
(photo includes Greenery and Pale Dogwood) Pantone Colors

Greenery is a yellow-green shade that expresses renewal, fresh beginnings, and vitality. It matches beautifully with any of the other colors on the list, whether the vivid neon Pink Yarrow or the soft and romantic Pale Dogwood.

Other colors on the list include three blues (Island Paradise, Niagara, and Blue Lapis) which range from a serene aqua to a deep, intense blue shade.  Kale is a deeper shade of green which is more reminiscent of an olive shade, while Yellow Primrose exhibits all the mellow cheerfulness of a sunny day. Pantone Colors

Hazelnut is the one neutral on the list, and with all the bright colors it may be overlooked. But you’ll not be able to miss the most vivid of this season’s Pantone colors, aptly named Flame. This energetic orange color is fiery and spicy and is perfect for the outgoing, whimsical bride. Just look at this gorgeous bouquet! pantone colorsNo matter your favorite colors, no matter your wedding style – Rose Hill Flowers is the best Nashville wedding florist for you!  Schedule a consultation, and tell us what your vision entails. We’ll tell you the perfect way to achieve it.

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