Meet Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year

We’re going to be seeing a lot of one particular warm, inviting shade everywhere we look this year. Pantone has selected Living Coral as its 2019 Color of the Year, and the wedding world is rejoicing. This vibrant hue is the essence of modern sophistication and brings a trendy appeal to even the most traditional of nuptials. How can you add it in to your wedding scheme? Rose Hill Flowers Weddings has plucked three coral-colored flowers for your consideration.

Coral Peonies The peony, native to China, have a long history in Greek mythologies, giving it a strong connection to the meanings of bashfulness and compassion. This sweet flower, usually found in shades of pinks, purples and corals, is now commonly used to represent romance, good fortune, riches and honor. Choose coral peonies for your wedding bouquet to bring a prosperous happy marriage to you and your spouse.

Coral Roses Roses are a classic wedding favorite, not only for their beauty and fragrance, but also because the colors of roses are highly symbolic and often well-known. Coral roses, for instance, represent enthusiasm and desire, two feelings that should be present at every wedding! Choose coral roses for a bright, exciting future together.

Coral Tulips Tulips are a beautiful flower with many favorable attributes. With their wide leaves and smooth, contoured petals, tulips are easily recognized and beloved. Originally used for art and style in Persia and Turkey, the tulip’s popularity among Europeans soared and began to be grown and harvested in the Netherlands. Include coral tulips in your wedding bouquet for a burst of color from a universal favorite.

However you choose to include Living Coral in your wedding festivities, remember that the flowers you choose convey particular meaning and can help you and your spouse tell your story to friends and loved ones all day long. 

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