Artistic Wedding Installations

A new and unique twist on a traditional favorite has hit the wedding scene! If you are getting married sometime soon you will be interested in discovering this for yourself. Artistic floral installations are the newest addition to wedding decor this season. Instead of the traditional trellis or archway, present a fabulous floral-covered installation for you and your guests to enjoy. These sculptures make a beautiful backdrop for photos and a dazzling focal point for the ceremony. The wedding designers at Rose Hill Weddings are full of concepts for sculptures that will make your wedding unforgettable.

Floral Hoops

Replace traditional archways or trellises with a gorgeous floral hoop, designed as a backdrop for your wedding vows or as a focal point for the multitude of photos that will be taken on this special day.

Floral Crescents

Guests will stand amazed at the beauty and artistry behind such amazing designs. Use these floral crescents to define space at your ceremony or reception, or create a pathway to give your entrance and exit a dramatic flair.

Floral Chandeliers

Drape your entire ceremony and reception in flowers. Flowers can even be dripping from the ceiling with this garden-esque look. Floral chandeliers are a beautiful update to a traditional favorite but with a softer feel.

Show off your sense of unique design with a beautiful floral sculpture or installation at your wedding this season. Talk to the designers at Rose Hill Florist about other great ideas for wedding sculptures and backdrops this season.