Spring Wedding Florals

Spring weddings, just like spring itself, represent new life, rebirth and a fresh start. As you begin your new life together as one, think about which flowers will best represent your love for one another. There are a multitude of beautiful spring flowers available for weddings that will reflect your personality and romance. Rose Hill Weddings has highlighted three here and we’re happy to introduce you to the many other varieties of spring wedding flowers available this season, as well.


For a formal, elegant design, include ranuculus in all its beauty and perfection in your wedding floral bouquets and decor. The fresh, light texture and perfect symmetry of these rose-like blooms will give your wedding day a posh,tailored look.


For a romantic, fairy-tale look, feature frilly, pastel peonies, a wedding favorite for centuries. With soft ruffles and light colors, these blooms lend a delicate touch to your design.

Sweet Pea

To add the look of wildflowers to your wedding, feature sweet pea as an accent piece. This pop of color along with its trailing blooms will give enough texture and color to be unique and whimsical.

Your wedding should reflect your love for one another, your personality and your hope for the future. Let the florals that you choose for your wedding be part of that expression. For springtime weddings, the choices are virtually endless. The floral designers at Rose Hill Weddings can help you choose beautiful florals perfect just for you and your special day.