Tradition Meets Modern Style With Wearable Wedding Flowers

While many wedding traditions can easily be left behind in favor of more trendy or modern options, one custom that connects the bride and groom to their families and close friends are corsages and boutonnieres. By giving parents, grandparents, and other special guests a lovely piece of wearable art, the happy couple can recognize and honor their relationships with these individuals. The floral experts at Rose Hill Weddings will happily help you design a look that brings a modern flair and your unique personality to the corsages and boutonnieres you give on your wedding day.


Give a custom-made work of wearable art to individuals you hope to honor on your wedding day. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and dear friends can either pin their corsages or wear on their wrist for a sweet connection to the bride and groom.


The men in your wedding should be honored with bouts that showcase your personality and add a bit of flair to their suits or tuxedos. Fathers, grandfathers, groomsmen, and ushers are typically favored friends and family members to receive boutonnieres. Let yours display the colors and flowers of your bridal bouquet.

The act of sharing corsages and boutonnieres with special wedding guests is a beautiful way to add significance and distinction to the individuals you want to honor on your big day. Let the floral designers at Rose Hill Weddings help you create the perfect corsage and bout designs to go with your bridal bouquets.

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