Step-by-Step Guide To Preserving Wedding Bouquets

After the wedding festivities are over, you’ll want to have some relics to remember this day forever. One simple way to create a beautiful reminder of your favorite day is a dried or pressed bouquet of your bridal bouquet flowers. There are many ways to preserve your bridal bouquet and we have outlined a few here. First, talk to Rose Hill Weddings about our professional services if you would like to have your piece freeze-dried or professionally pressed. A few that we like are:

This process can take several weeks to months to complete, so be patient. If you prefer to dry your flowers yourself, there are several simple steps you can take.

  1. One is to hang your flowers upside down in a dark, cool or temperate place, like a hall closet. Leave flowers there for 7 to 10 days undisturbed and you’ll have a beautiful dried arrangement. (Hint: Hairspray before hanging helps to preserve the color and shape.) Then hang your dried arrangement on the wall or place in a vase without water to display.

     2. To press flowers, use parchment paper and separate the blooms, laying them each between two                  pieces of parchment paper inside a thick book, like a phonebook or textbook. Lay a brick or                          another heavy object on top of the book and leave for several weeks. When peeling the parchment              paper off of your flowers, be careful so you maintain the integrity of the blooms.

     3. You can also preserve your flowers with wax. Create a hot paraffin wax mixture on your stove,                      bringing it to boil and letting it cool enough so that it’s a liquid but not so hot to shrivel your                        flowers. Dip your blooms into the wax and let dry undisturbed. This will maintain the shape and                color of your flowers.

For more great ideas about how to preserve your wedding bouquet or to see about our professional services, talk to the floral experts at Rose Hill Weddings. We’ll be happy to direct you to some credible sites or explain our services to you.