The Best Seasonal Flowers to Use in Your Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding Flowers

With deep, bold, and rich color tones, fall weddings stand out in beauty because of fall flowers. Adding drama, sophistication, and romance, fall florals elevate the elegance of any event. Plus, there are plenty of fall flower variations in shape and color to please any bride’s wedding scheme. 

Award-winning Rose Hill Flowers has been serving the Nashville area for over 30 years, transforming spaces to create unforgettable experiences for our wedding clients. We’re creative, flower-designing experts and, we love working with fall flowers to create truly memorable experiences.

Fall flowers we love for weddings are: 


Red Dahlia

Calla Lilies

Protea: Representing change and hope, protea flowers are striking in their unique petal formations that radiate out from the center. Just adding one or two of these flowers to an arrangement makes a statement.

Dahlias: With a full, round bloom made up a lot of petals, dahlias are great for creating texture and that “wow” factor. A wedding favorite, these gorgeous blooms symbolize commitment and a lasting bond between two people. 

Calla Lilies: Unique, elegant, strikingly beautiful, the calla lily is wedding staple and comes in a wide array of colors. Signifying magnificent beauty, this trumpet-shaped flower is also a traditional symbol of marriage.  

Yellow Sedum



Sedum: For bold color and great texture, sedum plants have clusters of star-shaped blooms that come in a variety of colors and shapes. 

Amaranthus: Showy and vibrant, the amaranthus flowers create a beautiful cascade or luxurious red color. It’s the perfect accent for any arrangement. 

Celosia: A flower with silky, feathery blooms, the celosia comes in bright colors of red, yellow, orange, and pink. The full, lush spikes always draw attention.

Garden Roses


Fern Accent

Garden Roses: classic elegance, romantic with their petal density and fragrance and come in an assortment of colors perfect for the fall.

Sunflowers: Representing dedicated love, sunflowers add a bright, warm look wherever they are placed. Charming, rustic, and full of vibrancy, this fall flowers is a favorite of many. 

Greenery: Adding a nice green accent to bouquets and garlands is typical at most weddings. A leafy green that’s trending now is the fern leaf.

As Nashville’s leading wedding florist, Rose Hill’s design professionals bring their skill and artistry to reflect the desires and wishes of the bride and groom. We are experts at bringing wedding dreams to life. Learn about wedding flowers, trends, and more from Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN.